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Do you know any transplant recipient with covid-19?


I do not personally know anyone with or without transplant who has contracted COVID-19. Do you know anyone who has fallen ill or tested positive? How is the person doing? Thanks.

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Yes, myself. Spent two weeks in the hospital as it attacked my kidney, colon and lungs. What saved me was a platelet transfusion from a Covid survivor.

LisaSnow in reply to Dotti55

I am so glad you responded well to treatments! Are you doing OK at home now? How has it affected your transplant?

Dotti55 in reply to LisaSnow

Yes fine and dandy now. While in the hospital my creatin went up to 4 after barely being 1 since my transplant, but they did eventually get it back to normal and it’s been fine ever since

Michael Phillips is a transplant recipient who shared his story with contracting COVID19: He is doing well now.

LisaSnow in reply to djlew67

Thank you!

I have a church member that was in hospital for 2 weeks but has recovered, slowly. The mother of another member, whom we know, passed away from Covid-19, at the age of 97. Another church member was somewhat sick in early March, and has tested positive for the antibodies. So, yes it is real.

LisaSnow in reply to DexterLab

Such a scary time for all.

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