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Need help with swollen feet


My doctor ask me to monitor my blood pressure with a new Med he prescribed since my pressure was very high every day. I’m already on two other meds and this took the place of Amiloride. I’ve been taking it, but my feet have been swollen every since. So he prescribed furosemide one and a half tablet every day. I’m taking it and my feet haven’t gone down yet. I teach and I start back to school in another week and I’ll not be able to freely go to the restroom. I threatened to leave his care and he now has an attitude against me, cause I’m not liking how he’s treating me. Before he found this medicine he prescribed something else at a high dosage and I paid $15 in which he should have prescribed a small amount to see how I did with the medicine first. Then he prescribed this medicine and I paid another $15, but my feet are swollen and he won’t change this Med cause my blood pressure is perfect now. I’m unhappy with his decision and think i should be on something different. But my pressure is doing great, but my feet are still swollen.

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