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Nerve Pain

Did anyone have nerve pain after their transplant. I am 6 weeks post kidney transplant and I am having a lot of nerve pain below my surgery site. The area gets num and produces a shocking pain. This pain gets worse when I put my pants on and the belt pushes against my stomach. The doctor said they probably pinched the nerves when they cut me open during my.transplant. And the worst thing is that it could take years for this nerve pain to get better, for many people they have to live with nerve pain. Does anyone have a similar experience, please share.

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Yes, I too have had problems with nerve pain. For me, it was determined about a year post transplant that I had entrapped nerves in the area of my transplant incision. Every 4-6 weeks like clock work, I would get severe pain lasting 30-45 seconds, disappear completely and then come back every 2-3 minutes. For me, it might last couple days or as long as 2 weeks. Then it would go away until the next time. The transplant team sent me to a surgeon who also helps with nerve pain. The doctor, after many tests, gave me steroid injections in the incision scar. For me anyway, this has really helped. A year ago my surgeon, however, did surgery to remove 3 entrapped nerves. It proved to be very successful, no problems since

I guess if I were you and the pain continues I would continue to tell my doctor about the problem. Be your own advocate and get the doctor to listen to you. See if he won't send you to a pain specialist. It could be years before a "nerve" burns itself out. For me, it was starting to affect my health since the pain would keep me from sleeping well.

Best of luck to you! Let me know what happens.....


Thanks for the info, it was really helpful. I will try to see a pain specialist asap.


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