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How long have you had your transplant?


Robert just celebrated his 40th year with his kidney!

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Wow!! Congratulations Robert. I just celebrated 10 years last week, I hope to be as blessed as you. Thanks for sharing your story.

KelliC_NKF in reply to 3kidney

Congratulations to you on 10 years!!

3kidney in reply to KelliC_NKF

Thanks Kelli!

It's great to hear success stories like Robert's. It gives me hope!

6&1/2 yrs. 40 yrs great

That is awesome, Robert! I just celebrated 23 yrs on June 6.

KelliC_NKF in reply to MickeyDW

Congratulations to you too! 23 years is fabulous! Any advice for staying healthy post-transplant?

MickeyDW in reply to KelliC_NKF

I thank God every morning I wake up and I try to take the best care I can of the gift that was given to me.


WYOAnneNKF Ambassador

Congratulations Robert on 40 years!! October 15th I will celebrate 19 years. Thanks so much for sharing your story.

KelliC_NKF in reply to WYOAnne

19 years is great! Thanks for sharing WYOAnne! Any advice for new transplant recipients?

Comgrats robert!!! I will celebrate 30 years next July. It gives us great hope that cadaveric transplants can last a lifetime.

30 wow - congratulations! Glad to hear you are doing so well. And you're right deceased donor kidneys can also last a long time! Any advice for how to life well with a kidney transplant?

Yankcg70 in reply to KelliC_NKF

Thank you...and i also no longer take immunosuppressants either. Been very blessed. Listen to your body, listen to your dr and dont be afraid to ask questions.

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Hola Yankcg70, felicitaciones por tus 30 años!!!he quedado muy sorprendida !! no tomas inmunosupresores!!! Deseo hacer preguntas! , que tratamiento te dieron??, te guias por la medicina holistica??

Espero tu respuesta!! por favor.

Muchas gracias!!! , Chicho

I've had my kidney for 3 yrs.

Hidden in reply to Bert64

Hola Bert64, felicitaciones por tus 3 años!!!, seran muchos mas!!! un saludo afectuoso, Chicho

KelliC_NKF in reply to Bert64

Wonderful! Hope you are doing well! Any advice for others?

Bert64 in reply to KelliC_NKF

Be proactive about your care

Running with fire at 6 month

Fire because that’s the reason to blessed

Hidden in reply to KidneyBoy209

Que bien!!! felicitaciones!!!, sugerencia; toma todos tus medicamentos, haz tu vida normal siempre agradeciendo a Dios! (segun creencia religiosa). Que te vaya muy bien!!!

Congratulations on your recent transplant! Hope you are doing well!

KbresslerNKF Peer Mentor

Hey, Robert congratulations I am out 31 years and have a close friend here in Texas who was transplanted 47 years ago. Are you a member of the quarter century club? Stay healthy you have a great story.

Congratulations Robert! I have had my transplant 19 years!

I received my "Gift of Life" June 2nd 1973. So I am thankful for 45 years of improved life. Best wishes to all the fortunate transplant recipients.

kinzBravo10 in reply to geneball

WOW! Geneball, this is absolutely amazing to hear. Congratulations!

I am 37 years old and I am only two years out from my transplant. I was literally just saying to my husband this morning that I would love for my kidney to last at least another 45 years since I, god willing, have so many exciting years ahead of me. But 45 years is a long time! But here you are, 45 wonderful years later after your transplant and you sound like you're doing great. Thank you so much for sharing because you've shown me that it's possible. If you have any advice for me, I'd love to hear it! Keep up the good work and thank you so much for the inspiration!

geneball in reply to kinzBravo10

My advice is to enjoy your life. Don't put off having fun or engaging shared experiences with your spouse. Youth is fleeting, have a good time now.

Hidden in reply to geneball

Hola geneball, mis sinceras felicitaciones !! por tu transplante. Con tus palabras para KinsBravo10, me ha transmitido una gran energía y esperanza para seguir adelante, ... en realidad me tomo mis medicamentos inmunosupresores, que al igual que tú, comencé con Inmuran y vivo mi "segunda vida" de manera normal .... disfrutando de todo, viendo el lado positivo y, cuando paso por momentos dificiles, de cualquier indole, que todos tenemos, me llega la fuerza interior "desde arriba" !!

Que sigas maravillosamente bien !!!!


geneball in reply to Hidden

Sorry, no habla de espanol.


Hola KelliC_NKF, tengo 37 años 8 meses como transplantada renal...recien entro a la pagina y veo que Robert tiene 40 años!!, que fantastico!!!....gracias a Dios!!!

Como estas KelliC_, gusto en saludarte!!, debo usar el Traductor Google!, soy de Chile.


Hola KelliC_NKF, estoy leyendo sobre los sobrevivientes transplantados renales, me considero una de ellos!! Encontre a Genoball con 45 años!!! Los felicito por contar con esta bendicion Divina!!! y, a uds., los Administradores de esta pagina web, por contar con valiosa informacion!! para los transplantados renales, que en Chile, no la tenemos!

Fui transplantada renal el 9 de Diciembre de 1981 en el Hospital Clinico de la Pontificia Universidad Catolica por el Dr. Pedro Martinez Sanz y su Equipo Medico. Mi donante vivo fue uno de mis hermanos, Mario. Al año de transplantada quede embarazada de mi tercer hijo, otra bendicion de Dios!!, pues yo habia quedado esteril por la enfermedad. Actualmente mi hijo es Arquitecto y goza de excelente salud!!

Si algo puedo contribuir a vuestra pagina web, conforme mi experiencia de vida, encantada lo hare!!


Congrats Robert! August 5 will be my 3rd kidneyversary.

Happy 3 years!

lincoln53NKF Peer Mentor

I kept my kidney for 9 years--from February 2009 to February 2018. But now, alas, I am back on dialysis. My relationship with my kidney was never an easy one. The ureter that came with the kidney did not drain efficiently, so I had to have a stent to open up the ureter and increase urine flow. The stent needed to be replaced every 3 months to avoid infection. Even with those frequent exchanges I suffered from almost constant Pseudomonas infections in the urinary tract. After a string of hospitalizations in 2015, my doctors suggested I have a nephrostomy tube placed in the kidney so the urine would bypass the urinary tract and flow directly into a bag worn inside my clothes. The infections occurred less frequently, but who wants to tote a urine bag around night and day? My kidney was still producing quite a bit of urine when I started hemodialysis treatments in February, but my doctors recommended that I have the kidney removed to avoid future infections. The operation was performed on June 22. I was not sorry to say good-bye to those urine bags.

I am now in the process of getting back on the transplant wait list. I have had all of the tests except the stress test, which is scheduled for this Friday.

So far, I am doing well on dialysis and have few regrets about losing my kidney.

So sorry to hear about you losing your transplant after 9 years. Glad to hear you are doing well on dialysis now though. All the best to you!

Congratulations! You got the transplant, now o as told and do not

try any short cuts. If you are told to stay away from crowds and to wear

a mask when you go out of doors then do so. Probably will o much better

in the long run. God Bless!


One Year Today! :-) (8/5/17, transplant date)

KelliC_NKF in reply to KevM1


WYOAnneNKF Ambassador in reply to KevM1

Congrats on your 1 year transplant anniversary!

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