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Kidney Transplant
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Long lasting transplant

Hi, I’m a 60 year old woman who received a kidney from my sister in 1984. Yep, it has lasted 33 years!! I have been extremely lucky but now my kidney is failing. Ive been searching for a donor since 2014 and ill be starting dialysis soon. I’ve had some serious heath issues since my transplant due to the meds but getting a transplant is totally worth it!

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How have you kept your transplanted kidney in such great shape? I’m on the transplant list, pre-dialysis, and am looking for a living donor. If i get a transplant I want to keep it as healthy as possible.


I took my medicines as directed, kept all my doctor appointments and kept going back to the same transplant center. I called or went in as soon as I was sick in any way. The rest was just luck!


Congrats! 33 yrs! I hope you find another one to ease the discomfort recently. Praying!


Congratulations on 33 years with your kidney transplant. What a blessing as that is an amazingly long life. You are in my prayers that dialysis goes well and that you don’t have a long wait to receive another kidney transplant. 🙏🏻


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