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Removal of transplanted kidney

lincoln53NKF Peer Mentor

Does anyone have experience with having their transplanted kidney removed? I started hemodialysis 3 months ago. Shortly after I started hemodialysis I visited my transplant team, and the doctors recommended that I have the kidney removed because I tend to get kidney infections. They also want to remove one of my native kidneys. I have had this kidney for 9 years, but I always had issues with a narrow ureter and urinary tract infections. For the last three years, I had a nephrostomy tube, which is a tube that goes through the skin directly to the kidney so the urine drains to a bag outside the body instead of going to the bladder. I will be happy to get rid of that tube.

But I wonder if I should hold off on having the kidney removed because it still produces some urine--some days more than others. If the kidney is removed, I will be totally dependent on my hemodialysis treatments for fluid removal.

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Hi Lincoln53,

I have had 2 transplants and both have been removed after they failed. I think it would be better for you to discuss your dilemma with your Physician. I first was removed because it was making me very ill and the second because I had to start a treatment that would have affected it. Sorry that wasn't much help.

lincoln53NKF Peer Mentor in reply to coaching

Hi Coaching,

You're absolutely right. I will be discussing these issues with my doctors. May I ask if you felt any different after your kidneys were removed? Better? Worse? Thanks for the advice.

coaching in reply to lincoln53

Yes I did when my first one was removed and it was a relief but a shame to go back on dialysis again. With the second one i actually wanted to keep it as long as I could because i was still passing urine, hey it had to be done. To find out more visit: please.

I've had both of my native kidney's and my transplants removed, as long as you have good experienced surgeons, should not be a problem, sometimes even though the kidney is producing urine, its not filtering the blood well enough.

lincoln53NKF Peer Mentor in reply to Bert64

Thanks for the advice!

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