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NO Immunosuppressants


Awhile back we were having a conversation, because someone had mentioned on Healthunlocked about being 20+ post transplant and was lucky enough to be taken off all of her immunosuppressants. Don't we all wish?

I actually had an appointment this morning with my nephrologist. I asked him the question about who, after a transplant, can be safely taken off their immunosuppressants.

He told me that there have been studies of kidney transplant patients that have taken 10 or more years of immunosuppressants. He said that 1 out of 10 patients can stop taking their post transplant drugs with no rejection and no problems. But he said it's the other 9! They start to reject their organ and have a lot of other issues. Doctors' are better now at reversing a rejection episode, but why chance it. Wouldn't it be awful if because you wanted off these meds that you wound up losing your transplant, especially after all this time?

Oh well, I guess we knew it was too good to be true! I am 18 years post transplant and was hoping! I guess the meds are a small price we pay for LIFE!!

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Absolutely! Your doctor has advised you correctly. May you continue to have good heath, strength and support🙏

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That would be awesome! Maybe one day! Medical technology keeps advancing. I'm hopeful for new advances in the near future. :) In the meantime, we do what we have to, right? Wishing you continued health and long life of your kidney! I'm 9 months post and so far so good.


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