6 week post kidney/pancreas

6 week post kidney/pancreas

6 weeks ago I had my transplant for both kidney and pancreas I’m doing wonderful everything functioning right pancreas is producing insulin like it should be and I look and feel more like the old me !!! To those of you out there wanting to give up DONT! I’ve been in your shoes before and your time is coming, stay prayerful and encourage talk to others it really helps❤️ Love you all #BestWishes (me 6 weeks ago me TODAY ☺️)

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  • Glad to see and hear that everything’s going well.

  • So glad you are doing well! Good luck to you and all the best for a very Blessed Christmas & Happy Healthy 2018!

  • Glad to know you are doing fine just keep fighting anything that comes at you I have had my kidney 26years on the 14th December and I’m still fighting problems just don’t sit back get out there girl and keep fighting

    You have been given a kidney etc so take care of it june xx

  • That’s Awesome

  • I'm glad to hear that your doing well

  • Hello, Thank god for miracles and your transplants. So glad to hear you are nearly back to normal healthwise. Do you mind if I ask how you found a donor? My sweetheart needs a transplant desperately.

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