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Kidney Transplant
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dental problems?

Anyone else out there having trouble getting dental care while awaiting a transplant? I was forced out of work 7 years before I was going to retire and since then my teeth have started falling apart. One molar is decayed down to the gum line. So far no local agency, no state agency and no federal agency has been able to help. I can't be the only pre transplant individual in this country with this problem. Any suggestions?

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That is awful. I don’t know a solution but is there a dental college nearby? Sometimes they have free clinics.


Thank you for the reply. UW Madison is the closest (60 miles) and I'll be checking with them when I go for my formal evaluation.


Contact the Dental Lifeline Network at Dental Lifeline.org if your income is at the level required by them they may can help. 919-677-9001 hope this helps.


Ask the transplant team to help u find dental care.

A clean dental bill of health is usually required before transplant.

If your teeth aren't healthy, they may not want to transplant you.

They should have a social worker on their team to help too.

Please ask them for help.

That's what they are there for.


So sorry to hear that. I pray that the dental college is able to assist you.


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