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A little bit of help

I've had a kidney transplant for 25 years now which I have I am most grateful for but at the moment due to other problems the pills I take for the transplant doesn't allow me to take other pills to help with the problems I now find myself in ie pain control etc unable to walk I am trying my hardest to cope with what is is going on but find it very hard at times I was wondering if there is anyone out there with similar problems that I could talk to please don't think I am not grateful for the kidney because I am there is not eneough words that I can find to say thank you

I know I am 72 but I still would like to be able to walk and mainly be out of pain

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What does your Doctor say?


Morning the doctor has come to the house to explain what is going on to myself and children when I say children I am talking about 50 years old lol it all to do with stenosis osteoporosis fractures and whatever is going on with the spine

I do try to get to the loo very very slowly but I get upset if I can't get there I also have had about 4 ops on hip last one they had to do a acetabular repalacement I also have a knee replacement arthritis etc so none of this helps there are a few other problems going on I have a /f so yes I have a few problems but I try not to think about them

Are you going to come up with a cure 😂 😂😂


Regarding your spinal stenosis due to cracks in the vertebrae, my wife had 2 separate balloon kyphoplasty procedures, and has gotten long-lasting pain relief. Basically, the surgeon is injecting cement (actually a resin) to "glue" the vertebrae back together. Technically, it's to remedy compression fractures. A similar procedure is called vertebroplasty. These procedures may or may not be appropriate in your case. I'm NOT a doctor. Perhaps worth asking your doctor about.


Thanks I might just ask about that it won't hurt Askining will it

It's not as though I am trying to take my drugs is it

I've just managed to walk down the passage to get a bar of chocolate ha ha but so pleased with myself thanks for replying


Hi sorry to hear you are in so much pain. Work with doctors I believe in these times there is a cure for everything. I will send a special prayer for you.


hi, I'm 5 yrs transplanted, sometimes i have a problem with standing & walking , and other times no problem. maybe have a doctor check for your sciatic nerve.


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