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Transplant centers/ close to Idaho

Hi, I am new to the community. I'm getting ready to be referred to a transplant center I'm trying to figure which one would be best. I am for Idaho the closes ones are in Utah ,Spokane. WA. UW Medicine in Seattle WA. Swedish Medical center in Seattle,WA, Virginia Mason Medical center Seattle,WA, Legacy Transplant Service Portland, Or or Oregon Health &Science University in Portland Or does any one know much about these place or somewhere I can go to look them up. Thank you

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Top 50 transplant centers. Hope this is helpful.


Look for "best kidney transplant outcomes". Univ Utah is highly ranked.


Hello Nanabanana!

I applaud you for inquiring about "best centers" before jumping in to this process.

While I don't have any experience with these centers, the best thing for you to do is to study this organization's data: Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR). On their website you can and compare transplant centers (i.e. # of transplants performed and important metrics like "outcome success" to help you make an informed decision about your transplant.

Link here:

Personally, I think I'd lean towards UW. Seattle is beautiful and it appears at quick glance, that they've performed more transplants than the other centers. Moreover, they had "better than expected outcomes!"

PS: Do you have potential living kidney donor (s). Share your progress and we can continue the conversation. Until then, I wish you all the best on your proactive path to your best life possible!


What I would do is study the centers you mentioned, looking at number of transplants they do in a year and outcomes. You want to go to a center that does many transplants in a year, so they have seen a wide variety of side effects that could happen. Look, too, at the ranking of transplant centers. I had my transplant at U of WI where they do over 450 kidney transplants a year and are ranked in the top 6 transplant centers in the US. I felt very confident that I would be in capable hands.

Good luck to you!


UNOS has this info as well


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