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Kidney Donation
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Update on my status of getting a donor

Hello & good morning everyone!

I just wanted to give a little update & status of my transplant.

Recently I met a new friend at my best friend from high school's baby shower. We slowly started talking and getting to know each other. We eventually exchanged numbers so we can keep in touch. I messaged her last week on Facebook (because I lost her number) and asked her if she wanted to hang out when she is free. We made plans to hang out a few days later. When we hung out, I explained to her my condition (because she saw all my meds I had to take when we were out at dinner). I told her I was also in the process of looking for a donor and I explained to her what it takes to be a living donor. During our conversations throughout our dinner, out of nowhere she says she would like to be my donor. It took me by surprise. I was very shocked, at the same time touched that she wanted to make a big decision like that. I didn't want to be too hopeful but at the same time this is what I really wanted! I didn't want to pressure her into doing it so I told her I really do hope this is something you want to do but please pray over it and think about it, because this is a life-long decision to make. (I only say this [to her and anyone else who decides they want to donate to me] because I've had friends who have said they wanted to be a potential donor for me, but back out).

So let's hope and pray she will be my donor!

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Stories like this give me hope for humanity. Lovely!

Her just saying that and being willing to start the testing process is a miracle!


Yes! Even the thought of her thinking about wanting to be my donor is a miracle! Let's hope & pray she is the donor I've been waiting for!

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Hello, so how are you doing now? Did that friend donate?


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