10+ Years and still going WELL

10+ Years and still going WELL

At 43 years old, I was my Dad's living kidney donor -- he was 70 1/2 at surgery. It's now about 10 1/2 years later and I'm doing VERY WELL and he's doing pretty darn well! We're looking forward to celebrating his 81st birthday next month.

The picture below was taken moments before I was wheeled in for my surgery. It's one of my favorite pictures as it marked the BEFORE.... we have SOOOO many more pictures together as a family since then, as we celebrated MANY milestones -- all because my Dad got his LIFE back! I'm willing to talk/write to anyone who has any doubts or any questions, or even just to share great stories -- anytime. -debi

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  • Enjoyed your inspiring post and the photo!! I donated my kidney to my husband in 2011 and wish we had taken a photo as you did. Glad to hear you are both fine! We are doing well. It is wonderful that this post allows us to answer questions of others considering donation and of those who have received kidneys.

  • Glad you liked the picture! It was a last minute thing, but has come in handy a few times, such as with this site now! I agree about this site allowing us to answer questions of others... hoping it opens up doors for others!!