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Recognizing & Protecting Living Kidney Donors

Recognizing & Protecting Living Kidney Donors

I'm a preemptive (live-donor) kidney transplant recipient who is immensely grateful for the gift of life. This gift has fueled my desire to recognize the brave and selfless acts of living kidney donors, who are often forgotten post-donation.

Since living kidney donors don’t wear a Medal of Honor or a superhero’s cape, it’s often hard to recognize YOU!

As the founder of the TransplantFirst Academy, a non-profit (501c3) organization and motivational speaker, kidney patient mentor/coach/advocate, and the author of "In Pursuit of a Better Life: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Living Kidney Donors," I strongly believe living donors deserve a lifetime achievement award for the role they play in saving lives and inspiring community citizens to give back in bigger and bolder ways.

Tap on my shoulder if you'd like to join the conversation. Share your story to help us recognize and protect you for waking-up and shaking-up one of the tallest heartfelt ways for inspiring human kindness, through this once-in-a-lifetime "Life-Squared" opportunity.

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Risa, your dedication to the cause is unsurpassed. You are truly inspiring!!


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