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Kidney Dialysis
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ibs and dialysis

I have irritable bowel syndrome (YUCH!) and need to run to bathroom frequently and immediately. I will probably be starting dialysis in a center in the near future and wonder if anyone has had the same problem and is on dialysis. I don't know how I can sit in the recliner chair for 4 hours while needing to use the restroom. Once in the restroom I can be there for upwards of 30 or 40 minutes--no quick in and out.

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Sorry to hear you are having a bowl problem. My son has been on dialysis for over 2 years now & never had that problems . And the people that I talk with at the dialysis center have never had a problem . One man has stomach problems with pain & vomiting. My son had to have a stent put in because for bleeding after they remove the needles. Now they put clamps on his arm for half an hour before he can leave. Had a lot of problems with the Binders. He tried several different ones. Now he only takes 4 Binders a day. Hope your Doctor can solve your problem.



Have you thought of home therapies? You can do dialysis at home and go to the bathroom when you want to.


You meant the PD dialysis? changing the bags?


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