Hello I'm New

Hello I'm New

Hi, I am new to the site. My name is Jolene. I have had declining kidney health since 2010. I started dialysis in May 2014. I was very non-compliant in the beginning, but have since learned that my health is not a game, and I feel better when I do. I started out on hemodialysis, and then tried peritoneal. I found that the supplies proved to be a challenge I could not overcome. I have been on hemodialysis ever since.

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  • Hi Jolene, I know it's difficult to be compliant when you are faced with such rude changes in your life. I started Peritoneal dialysis in 2016 but had to change to hemo in January 2017 because PD stole all of my albumin and I couldn't regain it. Got down to 1.3 which led to me passing out and hitting a cement floor with my face. I was a rag doll until my Core Power protein drinks helped me recover. My Albumin is 4.3 now.

    Are yoi on the transplant list? Hang in there. Blessings are there; praying that they shower you in a huge way!!!

  • Hi Jolene! We started dialysis about the same time! I've only done hemo. I remember when I was diagnosed and they told me all the restrictions - ugh! I totally know how much better it feels when I follow the rules, but I also have those days when I just want a beer. Have a good day!

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