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Kidney Dialysis
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peritoneal dialysis

i am a care gi er for my 83 yr husband who has been on dialysis for 3 1/2 yrs. dialysis truly was a life sa er. he is still farming, dri ing a tractor, raking hay, takes care of 150 cows. if he had not gone on dialysis he would not be here today. he does the dialysis at night for 8 hrs. he sleeps thru the alarm when it rings. his only gripe is he is on it for 8 hrs so he has to go to bed early since we get up at 5:30 a.m. For other care takers who are just starting -- it gets to be so routine and you know what you are doing so don't worry about it. i was scared to death at my age that i would make a mistake and cause him problems but it didnt happen. This guy has had 3 heart attacks and 2 strokes and looks like he is 65 not 83. hard work keeps him going.

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GOD be the Glory!!!!!!


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