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Kidney Dialysis
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Our A to Z guide is your comprehensive guide to kidney disease and related conditions; visit: kidney.org/atoz


My Food Coach by NKF offers personalized nutrition information for you and your family. It is designed to help you understand and manage all your nutritional requirements, especially if you have kidney disease or other dietary concerns. To get started searching for recipes, ingredients and meals that fit your personal nutrition needs, visit: foodcare.com/myfoodcoach/si...


Advocacy plays a big role in our mission. A NKF Advocate is someone who has been affected by kidney disease, donation, or transplant and who wants to empower and educate others. We give you the tools you need to make your voice heard. Join us: kidney.org/advocacy

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I have been reading a lot since I joined this group about dialysis, treatments etc. I am green and know very little since I had a transplants before dialysis was around.

could you please explain to me the difference between Hemodialysis which sounds like a three day treatment and four hours a day versus Peritoneal Dialysis which is around 10 hours every day. Sounds like HD would be easier. Also some comments were to get a

Fistula done. Not sure what that is. I know I am naïve but very curious as to these treatments.