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His could anyone give diet plan for stage 3 b and if I have a chance of increasing kidneys in ckd

I've just been told a month ago I have stage 3b ckd it's took me this long to get going . I'm over weight, I smoke , and let haven't a clue what to do and it's making me feel more depressed, so if anyone can help please!

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Sorry guys my phone on auto spell+


Hi there, my advice would be make an appointment to see a dietician who can look at your blood results and advise you properly. Be wary of following kidney friendly diets online as they may advise you to cut out certain food groups when you don’t need to and, as a result, you may miss out on vital nutrients.

Having said that advice that applies to all CKD sufferers is avoid salt, fizzy drinks and processed foods. Limit red meat, dairy, alcohol and sugar. Eat lots of whole natural fresh foods including lots of veg and drink plenty of water. Also try and avoid drugs that hurt the kidneys, like NSAIDs. I’d also give up smoking if you can.

You say you’re overweight, does that mean you have diabetes or high blood pressure? If you can get your weight under control by following a healthy diet and doing moderate exercise, and get any related issues like high BP under control that will help.

Definitely get a referral to a dietician!


Hi jules, and thank you so much for what you have said . I'm high blood pressure and taking tablets for that . Come Monday I'll do as you say and thank you😊


Its normal to be worried but there are many steps you can take to improve your health. Talk to your Dr about ways to quit smoking. Get info on a renal diet and start a light exercise plan if you stick to a renal diet you will lose weight. Be proactive and do the best you can. Good luck on your journey. It's not easy but you can do it.


Thanks itz am going to try and do as you say. But I feel like is this it? You know?


HI Carl,

The first thing is to get a program to quit smoking. It is a very hard thing to do but absolutely necessary for your health. There is a lot you can do for CKD to maintain your function, but you need to really work on changing habits. Quitting smoking is the first thing. Then, see a renal dietician for a recommended diet. Because we are all individuals, it works best when you work with a dietician to make the program work for you. I lost 40 pounds following a CKD diet and have improved my kidney function.

It is overwhelming at first, but there is so much you can do to help yourself.

Here is a simple plan to start:

1. Eat out infrequently. You have less control over your food choices.

2. No fast foods

3. No process foods such as frozen dinners or packaged products

3. Less meat the better, chicken and fish still have high potassium, eat sparingly

4. 1-2 cups of coffee and use real crème not non-dairy

5. Lots of water up to 2 liters unless told by the doctor to drink less or more

6. Incorporate more whole foods in your diet: vegetables and fruits

7. Little to no alcohol especially beer One glass of wine might be ok

8. Cook without salt. You will get used to it and then eating stuff with salt will taste bad

9. Do not take supplement, OTC drugs or other without checking with the doctor first.

10. Take cooking classes if available on kidney diets. There are classes on the intranet as will as maybe by your local Kidney Foundation davita.com/education/kidney...

We are here to support you.


Thank you thank you bass you are my guru from now on😊😊😊


Your nutritionist should advise however low potassium low sodium low phosphorus. No list seeds beans nuts oat and grains. Hihin phosphorus. No greenleafy veg spinach kale. Carrots and potatoes pumpkin need to be leached before eating. Keep sugar levels and pressure level normal. Ie improved soonafter this diet.

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I use a food tracker on mydavita.com to keep track of my food intake. A lot of people use MyFitnessPal because it has a mobile app for phones. It's not only important to track your caloric intake but potassium, sodium, and phosphorus need to be monitored. These are all very hard on damaged kidneys and can speed the decline of your kidney function. You need to make a lot of lifestyle changes to take control of your future. It's important to be proactive and seek out as much information as you can find. Knowledge will set your mind at ease and enable you to be your own best advocate.


Thanks pap,your a God send!


Thanks everyone for the help,one more thing could anyone tell me how to deal with these low back pain and leg musle cramps?


I had leg muscle cramps before I was diagnosed with CKD and I was told by a Neuromuscular Specialist to drink sparkling water daily. Walking and stretching are excellent for lower back pain. Physical activity is very important.


Finding out you have kidney disease is scary and its thr unknown that is scarring you and that natural and you have all those feeling of why me, what have a I done to deserve this. There is nothing you have done but hopefully there are things you can do to help yourself.

You mention you are over weight and smoke. Ok in an ideal world I say sort those both out now. But realistically you need to set small goals. So do one of them at a time. Go to your doctors about going smoke free and they can give you support groups, patches the lot.

Regarding being overweight, if you start eating things good for your kidneys thr weight should start to come off.

Here is a list of things to change.

1.Stop the takeaways and processed food and jarred sauces ( treat only) they are high of salt, sugars and fats and no good for your body to process.

2. Stop drinking dark soda e.g. coke, Pepsi.

3 Reduce your caffeine intake

4. Increase your fruit and vegetables.

5. Ease of the salty snacks like crisps, salted popcorn.

6. Dont add salt to your meals.

7. Drink plenty of water as at stage 3 you need to stay well hydrated.

8. Get active, I'm not saying you need to join a gym nor start running, just a simple walk. Build it up slowly.

9. Start a diary so you can monitor your progress.

10. If you have a partner of family member get them involved as the change in diet will do them good.

11. If they told you you have high potassium you need to watch food high in that but not all kidney patients have that issue.

12. Try green tea, you do get use to them.

13. Most important of all is you have us on here which will help support you.

I was diagnosed at stage 4 gfr of 20 at the age of 20. I was born with my condition and it was a big shock. I wasnt overweight and didnt smoke but decided I need to change my lifestyle to eat more healthy foods and they are actually really nice. I changed salt for herbs and spices and only drank water and the colder the better. Sont get me wrong you can have treats and you dont need to be a monk. I was told bu 2009 I would needed to start dialysis and I hated that idea. Well I delayed that till January 2019 and I really do think following the advise I have given really help. Some people aren't has lucky and it doesn't matter how much they try they dont slow it down but it's worth a go as you wont have any regrets then.

This disease is very much physical but it also is emotional and you dont have to do this journey alone.

We are always here for you, and if you ever want to message any of us I'm sure people will be happy to help.

Charlene x


Thanks char ,can you tell me if I have a pinching pain in my back is that the ckd progressing within me?


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