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Do I need a new nephrologist?


Hello again. I am wondering if I need to switch to a different nephrologist. My GFR is 53. He does an annual CBC and that's it. No urine test. I asked if I should see a nutritionist and he said no, but my PCP said my potassium is high. Is what us doing sufficient? Thanks.

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Hi, Hugatree, remember that most people on here are not doctors, nephrologists or registered renal dieticians... but... You are at stage 3A which is not bad. From all of my research, most doctors in USA will not send you to a registered renal dietician this early which is too bad. The best thing you can do is educate yourself on a proper renal diet and learn everything you can on CKD. You can find plenty of books on Amazon. The newest and greatest is Stopping Kidney Disease by Lee Hull which came out on January of 2019 and is incredibly up to date and is backed up by medical case studies which are referenced in the book.

I hope you are at least doing the basics of a low sodium, high water intake diet, with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and limiting if not eliminating animal meat and dairy. You should also watch your amount of protein intake (maximum of 0.8 grams of protein per Kilogram of weight), potassium and phosphorus. And don't forget weight loss and exercise.

If you can switch to another nephrologist, why not do it? A second opinion would not hurt and you might get a referral to a renal dietician.

Thank-you so much. I'll get the book now!

Hugatree, with regard to your raised potassium, if you eat lots of high potassium foods such as tomatoes, bananas, avocados, etc, cutting them down or out for a while will see a reduction in your potassium.

BassetmommerNKF Ambassador

Hi Hugatree,

A CBC tells about the blood. Are you sure it is not a BMP or a Basic Metabolic Panel which give the picture of the kidney. It is also the test that has potassium in it. I do not have urine tests very often either.

Your potassium is high? What is high? Did you ask to review you medications because some of them, like diuretics and blood pressure meds can increase potassium.

There is a lot out there on diets. Here some links:

i just recently joined a facebook group...natural kidney journey...everyone who has ckd needs to join this group...i have been eating the way that is outlined in this group since the beginning of march...i have lost a considerable amount of weight...i have gotten off my blood pressure meds...losartain and hydradraline...and a diueritic lasix...i have been working on getting rid of my diabetic med from 2 times aday to 1/2 a day and sometimes not even that...i was a stage 4 ckd at 26 now i am stage ckd 3b at 41...i have gained 15 is similiar to vegan but you cut out processed food at all...mainly a plant based diet... water and herbal teas are fine...low potassium...low phoshorus...i feel really good...the people who started this group were able to get her husband off of dialysis...and he has been off of dialysis for 14 months...there are a couple of people onsite who have accomplished that...others are raising their gfr's dramatically...all with is a great group and i am so thankful that i found them...i mean 15 points is terrific for just a month of dedication...i am working to get to stage 2 or this is my experience with this way of eating...everyone is different but i found out i ckd not because my doctor told me but that i looked at my labs...if you are really serious in having better kidney function at least check out this group...

KidneyCoachNKF Ambassador in reply to sharonlyn

The diet could never help me with kidney function. I could turn over my kitchen and shopping to them and it would change nothing in regards to kidney function. We all want a cure, quick fix. None of us want this, but we all must at some point come to terms of our changed lives. Blessings

sorry...that your situation is beyond helping...but it might help is not a quick is taking control of your life and being proactive...i found out i had kidney disease from my labs...i had been in the hospital and then went thru 3 doctors and not one of them ever said anything about my kidneys...nothing...i was feeling so lousy that i finally went online to see my labs...i was so upset that noone told me i ckd 3b at that time...noone...that is criminal in my book and that is a common story from people findling out that they i don't think it is a quick is a life changing what is your are afiliated with national kidney foundation...i got info from them a month ago and i had no interest in being in that group...

KidneyCoachNKF Ambassador in reply to sharonlyn

I had hereditary kidney disease Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). CKD 40+ years, dialysis 17 years. Both diseased kidneys removed 13 years ago. No transplant. I have self managed my health well. I searched for group you referred to as it may be useful to others but didn't find it. I will look again later. Blessings

Natural Kidney is a closed facebook have to answer the screening questions or you will be automatically deleted...they keep out riffraff...:)

KidneyCoachNKF Ambassador in reply to sharonlyn

Oh. You didn't say it was a Facebook group so I was searching here at Health Unlocked. Lol. Tyvm

Thanks so much!


I agree - I am in the same position and have decided to switch to someone who is more active in managing rather than passive. There are limits to working with doctors with such a narrow specialty - they are not holistic.

Bet117NKF Ambassador

I agree. You are paying your doctors good money to see to your care, efficiently and to the best of their ability.

If a doctor is not listening to you, dismissive or passive in anyway, then it is time to seek the services of someone who will work with you.

You know your body and must advocate for yourself, but your doctor is being paid to work with you!

Don't be afraid to seek a second opinion!

Hang in there!


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