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high Fever over a month now !

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So ..i have been suffering from a fever after a flu since the 3rd of december 2018 ..the flu has gone , but the fever persists and got higher to 39.9 with severe pain and burning in my urethra with urine frequency , did Urinalysis and culture and found out that i had very high number of Urine wbc 50 - 60 , very high number of Nitrite and a bacteria called ( Staph SPP) Doctor directly put me on Antibiotics which helped to relieve the pain , burning and frequency , but the fever doesn't respond , i still suffer from high fever now for over a month and the only fever reducer i can take is panadol due to my IBS and sensitive gut , doctor said that i came too late and the fact that the fever is not responding to antibiotics it means that the infection had reached the kidneys !!

she wants to put me me on a different antibiotics and penicillin shots ..but i feel hopeless as my white blood count had dropped a lot to only 2 below normal range ..and more antibiotics will destroy whatever left from my WBC ..Not sure if I'm on the right path ..any ideas on how to treat a kidney infection ??

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