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Need more room- suggestions?


Hey all! So I went to my November appointment to meet with my PD nurse and get labs done, but she also wanted to do a check of my medications. Holy cow I didn't realize how much stuff I have until we put it all out onto the table! My end table is usually where I keep my medications but it has overflowed onto the top of my nightstand, which is also where I need to keep my water and some PD supplies for when I hook up for the night. I keep a couple of things that are considered over the counter in my bathroom, but most of it I like to keep in my bedroom so it's away from anyone and everyone (I'm not a very trusting person and my bathroom doubles as the guest so...I think you get it). What are your recommendations on a medication cabinet that I could keep in my room post transplant? I have a plastic drawer cabinet that I could potentially use, but I'm looking long term and would prefer something that could also be portable if need be. Thank you!

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Most pharmacies sell these small, daily pill holders. I have six of them. I keep my pills for each day in them and the pill bottles are put away in a plastic container and I don't have to deal with them for six weeks. I travel a lot and for short trips, it is much easier to carry the small pill dispensers than to bring my entire "collection." The pharmacies also cell pill holders that have the time on the lids for specific times to be taken, some are broken down for "a.m. and p.m." Since you are in the US you can find them at Walgreens, Wal-Mart, CVS, and other pharmacies.

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I have a weekly one that I use that has morning, lunch, dinner and night slots. I also have a small one for when I'm on the go and just need certain meds on hand, such as my antacid medications, antibiotics if I have any and over the counter stuff. My main problem is being able to keep my collection in a location that's easily accessible. I like for it to be potentially portable for emergency purposes so that I can just grab and go, but I have so many now that they don't all fit into my nightstand. I might try to just find a container or two and make it work...or a box. Thank you for the pill container idea though! I might try that for 4 weeks instead of 6 though, since I always get 90 day supplies of everything.

Mr_Kidney in reply to Ladybug_05

Before I purchased my pill bottle tub I looked at several to clear up the clutter of all the bottles. Amazon one that you might like. Check it out at your convenience.

BassetmommerNKF Ambassador

Since Mr. Kidney already told you about using medisets ( daily pill boxes) my only suggestion for containing everything that would be cheap and convenient to get to if you need to would be a small suitcase. You could lock it if necessary. It is very portable. You might find a flat one like a brief case. I would look at a second hand shop.

Bet117NKF Ambassador in reply to Bassetmommer

Thanks to all of you for all of the great information! :)

Think out side the box....First instead of looking for more space..try to eliminate some medicines you dont need more space...

Antibiotics--no one needs everyday--usually 7 or 10 days course for certain conditions --then it should be thrown away ...

Antacids--can be treated wuth change in diet and minimize medicine

more than 6 or 10 medicines is too many- change doctor..

Ladybug_05 in reply to Fatbuddy

Hi Fatbuddy,

We've actually streamlined my medications as much as we can. My medical team is very much for removing as many medications as possible, and I've never been a fan of taking medications anyways. With my medical condition having so many moving parts (my kidney disease is merely a complication), all of my medications are currently necessary. Besides kidney failure, I have gout, fibromyalgia, GI problems among other things. All of these things I have to have medications for. I've tried diet changes for my acid reflux, but nothing has worked so I'm on a single med for that. I also take vitamins since my current renal diet has caused deficiencies (it's been an uphill battle for years), such as for my vitamin B complex and vitamin D. Thankfully, some of my medications will be removed once I get transplanted, but there's medications for that as well. I never keep antibiotics on hand, so that's not a problem. Thank you for your input, but unfortunately this is a matter of needing more space since I can't streamline my meds anymore than I already have until I've stablized after transplant.

Fatbuddy in reply to Ladybug_05

Sorry-to know about your conditions --you are one bracve person--lkeep ot up

If you are in USA- contact Dr Julian Whitaker in California - he can do lot more for you - may cost more- some nathral therapes NOT covered by insurance.

Ladybug_05 in reply to Fatbuddy

Thank you! Once I've stablized I will see if I can afford something like that. Thankfully I'm already west coast, so it isn't terribly far away.

Fatbuddy in reply to Ladybug_05

His office is in Los Angeles area

How about a rolling cooler? You can get pretty small ones on wheels. The meds will all stay upright and you could get a tray or plastic box to form a second layer within the cooler so that they all stay upright and organized. Write or print out labels for the top of all the lids so you can easily see what's what. bassetmommers idea of a briefcase is great too if you can find one on wheels even better if you have so many that it is getting heavy.

Ladybug_05 in reply to Zazzel

I will look into that. Thank you!

I keep all my bottles of meds in a plastic container (get from WalMart, Target...whatever) that is smaller than a bread box and has a handle on the lid, which snaps on and off. I would show you a pic, but we cannot attach files.

Anyway, from that box of prescription and OTC meds and vitamins, I put them in those SMTWTFS pill boxes. I have enough of those for 4 weeks without refilling.

I took the handled box to the clinic to show all the meds, vitamins, etc., I take daily. I do not take a lot of meds, Vitamins or OTC meds.

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