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I love salt. Now I'm on a low-salt diet, what herbs do you recommend using instead of salt to flavor my food?

Mrs. Dash is an excellent option for salt-free spice mixtures. All spices and herbs are recommended, as long as they do not contain salt. You can read the food label to see if salt or sodium is added. Vinegar, lemon/lime juice are also good ways to add flavor, without adding salt to your meal.


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Flavoring your food all depends on the food. Getting rid of salt is like any habit. The more you do without, the less you will want in the long run. Stop adding it to your food and in time your will not miss it. Different herbs will help but again, it depends on the food. I too love salt and my favorite snacks were salt covered like pretzels. I gave up snacks in total because I cannot just have a little or a few. So I just don't. Again, a hard habit to brake.

If you really want to zest up your food, add something spicy like hot pepper. Or if you want a brighter taste, lemon and vinegar are good. I swap out sugary seasonings by using fresh stevia leaves. For savory flavoring I use fresh ground black pepper, fresh basil and rosemary in different foods. I have a big herb garden so I have fresh marjoram, thyme, chives, two kinds of sage and more. Fresh is always best but I will soon harvest and dry what I grew this summer and can't keep growing in the house.

I'm trying to follow vegan/whole plant food diet. Is there somewhere I can get minimal ingredient recipes with nutritional info. I need breakfast and lunch ideas.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine are big proponents of a plant based diet. Their recipes have the nutrition information included and are broken up into categories such as breakfast and lunch.

The DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) Diet:

American Heart Association is a good resource:

I need whole plant food breakfast/lunch suggestions.

See above!

Would vegan mayo be any better than reg/light mayo?

No, it's all fat. Any fat that you choose to use, limit to 1 to 2 teaspoons (measuring teaspoon) per meal. Crisco is vegetable shortening and I certainly wouldn't consider healthier than other fats. Olive oil does have health benefits.

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