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Potassium binder: patiromer (Veltassa)

BassetmommerNKF Ambassador

Has anyone taken a potassium binder for lowering your blood potassium? Did it work and what, if any, were the side effects?

My Doctor has prescribed Veltassa for me. I got a sample of 20 day supply to try. It is extremely expensive but they have a discount program. My potassium is borderline high running from about 4.7 to 5.1. My doctor said that this would allow me to be able to eat more vegetables, which is 80% of what eat now.

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I use drugs.com for all medications and you might like to check it out. I have a link below about the pricing and what you may be able to do to save money on the prescription. drugs.com/price-guide/veltassa

As to side effects, the biggest is for pregnant women. Other side effects can be found at drugs.com/sfx/veltassa-side...

Hope you find something to help you.

I'm using veltassa now. Works great potassium went from 6.2 to 4.3. Just make sure you take with food and take it the same time every day. Good luck!

Hi I have been taking Valtassa for about 2 years without any side effects or problems. I was taking a dose of 8.4mg In the beginning. After about a year my body became accustomed to that dose and my Nephrologist increased my dose to 16.9mg. I would recommend Valtassa to anyone who is having high potassium issues.

In the beginning my potassium was over 7.8 when I started Valtassa now it is 4.1.

Good Luck!!

I take binders, two with each meal. Works well. Keeps my blood work in line.

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