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Kidney Disease
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I'm so frustrated. I keep dropping weight and my lately it's been hard for me to eat and keep my food down. Before I was diagnosed I use to be a foodie, wanting to try all kinds of foods and eating anything an everything. Now my body just doesn't want anything. I don't have cravings or an appetite. My doctors have given me medication for vomiting and appetite suppressants but nothing seems to work. Has anyone else had this feeling?

These are the feelings that make me want to give up. Because at any time when they call me for a transplant and I'm not at the weight they want me to be they can reject me and then I have to wait longer.

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Don't give up! I feel your frustration for you!

Take a breath and call your doctor; let him/ her know what you have been continuing to experience and ask for suggestions; that is what they are getting paid for.

Perhaps if this anti-nausea drug is not working, another can be prescribed and a food choice can be suggested by the nutritionist that you will be able to hold down.

My mom was a cancer patient on chemotherapy for 2 years. It is not easy to find foods which are appetizing and that you can hold down.

We also gave mom anti-nausea meds before and after a treatment. Ask if there is something else that they can give you.

I also had many discussions with the nutritionist; she gave me samples, recipes and suggestions such as lifesavers when mom had a bad taste in her mouth.

Call and see them!

It took a few weeks but we got mom to eat regularly..

Not easy and frustrating!

Remember, these people are supposed to be knowledgeable and see this daily.

....most importantly, you are not alone..

We are here for you!

Look for responses from people who have been through what you are going through.

Stay Strong..

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Yes please stay strong! There will be light! Are you allowed to eat lentils? I have found that Mung ( yellow lentil) is really light and easy to digest as well as healthful. Please check with your nutritionist.


Snap crackle and pop.....sorry i have the same and although my weight has stabilised now it's extremely low and bmi is very low.

I suffer from no appetite and it's rare I can taste food there's ever no taste or metallic taste. I'm usually sick twice a week but usually it's not good just bile. You probably feel the same and think what's the point of eating but there is as your body will be taking some nutrients on. Try eating little meals. So rather than 3 meals a day have 6. Think of those foods your mum use to do you after being sick as a kid.

Not sure if your on dialysis, my consultant said with my function of 11% I would have to start dialysis if my sickness or nausea was daily.

Surely having a transplant will solve this issue so they won't turn you away. Weight is more of an issue if your overweight and they wouldn't have you on the list if that was a problem

Take care Charlene


Hello Charlene_Coxhead ! Yes I suffer from little / no appetite. I use to have that metallic taste in my mouth but that will eventually go away. I think that has something to do with your iron being low. My doctor and nutritionist said to try eating 5-6 meals a day. To eat the usual breakfast, lunch, and dinner and have small meals or snack in between the day. My stomach growls for food but when I eat I either get full after 2-3 bites or I just cant handle keeping food down. So I am going to try eating smaller meals through out the day.

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Firstly you don't want appetite suppressants (my opinion) as those will keep your appetite away.


KidneyCoach My mistake, I meant the medicine that helps give you an appetite. But I don't take those all the time as my doctor said it might have steroids in them.


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