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Well I was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure a couple of weeks ago. I'm still in denial so I don't know if this is someone else experienced the same feelings. I have some knowledge about the illness and a family history of Kidney disease. Yea I'm scared they tell me to lose some weight get exercise change my diet. Cause I also have fatty tissue on my liver. Now I'm under the expression the liver can heal it's self. I also suffer from Servere Sleep Apna and high blood preassure along with Schizophrenia which is controled by Abilify. So I have the feeling I'm in a pretty bad situation. So I guess I'm looking for advice I know a lot about mental illness and know I can't stop taking my medication but it's like damed if I do and damed if I don't. So this is the first group I have joined I should have introduced my self first my name is Randy. I'm a bit nervous and feel like I'm rambling on

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Hi Randy, thanks for reaching out! I apologize for the delay, we are in the midst of creating our community - please check back in a few months for a more active group of fellow kidney patients. For now, I would recommend learning more about what stage of kidney disease you have. If you are still in the early stages then it is important that you limit salt in your diet and maintain a healthy weight. If you have questions, please call our NKF Cares Helpline at 1-855-653-2273 and we would be happy to help you and send you free information so you can learn more about how to live well with kidney disease.


Hi Randy, I have PKD, stage 4 with a gfr of 21, I was in denial for over 20 years, it was not until the past year that I began to " deal " with it and this was only because I began having symptoms and health concerns. I am also Bipolar with panic & anxiety and past psychosis. I take a whole list of medication to control my disorders and it took a very long time, but my symptoms are now well controlled and I am able to lead a normal life. I am now just learning to take a day at a time with my kidney disease and not worry, just do the things that will keep me as healthy as I can be. I know all the medication is probably not great for my kidneys, but I do not worry because without it I would have no life.

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Yea right on I still suffer from being mentally ill on a daily basis. Ive been doing what I enjoy not in away I could actually make any money yet but it relaxes me. I don't believe it helps my kidney function as well as it helps my mental disorder. In the mornings I do well but I keep in close contact with my doctor's. My kidney doctor said the other day my kidneys were holding there own, but I have dietbeties 2 now so damn if you do and damn if you don't. I try not to worry and attempt to lead a somewhat normal life and maybe from the outside looking in I'm probably doing well and some days I am but filled with alot of worry. So I've let my hair grow back out long I guess in hopes to recapture my youth in someway. But I keep it well groomed I try to dress a little bit more responsable. But in that alone people rather talk about my hair then any of my disabilities or I get alot of profiling so it makes me fit in a little more. My long term goals is I hope to get to visit my kids one day before it all goes bad That's about me in a skinny lol. But I'm very sorry to hear your at stage 4 in. What is your next step in a sometime f...... Up world we live in ? I just thought I would give you a little info about me before we chatted so you know who you were talking to. About are meds yea I'm not for sure if it helps kidney disease at all maybe the culprate that advanced it. The meds they give us are very powerful that's for sure but with out them normality is hard to achieve. Well I hope we can stay in touch with one another I don't have any friends with something in common like this. I guess I isolate myself so it's my own fault for that. I hope you have a good day. Hope to hear from you again good bless.


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