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Week Eight

Last week was different as I had a couple of meals out which came in the same week. My philosophy has always been that when eating out I will just have whatever I want as I don't eat out that often and try and have a lighter meal at lunch time or small snack at supper time to compensate. I do find though that I have felt hungrier this week and that might be because I have been eating larger meals on occasion and my stomach is shouting for bigger portions - that has been difficult but someone replied to one of my posts earlier in this journey that you just then have to try harder - so that is what I was doing this week - trying harder.

The fact that my clothes are fitting better is a great motivator, I did get a bit over excited and tried on a size smaller in the charity shop this week which no-where near fitted me - I got a bit depressed over that as I really liked the top but it was so far off fitting that I then had to make a decision whether to get it to slim into or leave it. I left it as it was such a long way from fitting and not that cheap - lesson learned for me not to get ahead of myself.

So starting week eight, sun has been shining and have got out this weekend. Went to a tea room with hubby on saturday and he had the most amazing victoria sponge with his cup of tea. I allowed myself two spoonfuls of cake while he ate the rest and I was very happy with that - hubby less so as that was two spoonfuls he didn't have but he is used to me by now. Wish they sold small portions of cake in tea shops as I don't want a huge slice and am very happy with a small taster.

Also, learning that I can't keep up the being very good all the time and do have to allow myself the odd treat but with that comes getting back on the bus the next day and that is what I have struggled with in the past.

This post is getting a bit long so thats all for now, keep going everyone. . . .

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That's great self-control. Before long, it won't feel like a sacrifice. BTW, are you following the NHS 12 week plan?


Yes I am on week eight of the 12 week plan which I will probably have to do times two to get to where I want to be.


Hi swimmingbunny,

The old share-a-dessert trick is a good one to use when eating out as is the I'll-have-the-main-course-but-in-starter-size.

A big thing can be to control sauces which are usually fatty or creamy - choose the tomato based ones if possible. A reasonable pasta dish can quickly become rather unreasonable with a great dollop of a cheese sauce, and similarly fresh fruit may be just fine, but does it get covered in cream, or perhaps even worse?

But you can treat yourself to high calorie things you like and still lose weight on two conditions - it's only a little bit of it and you only do it occasionally.

And my tastes have changed so much since I started this journey - it's quite unbelievable.


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