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Seconds away! Round Two....ding!

O.K. I've decided to scrub the 12 week plan that had 13 weeks in it and reset the clock to zero.

I've done ten weeks and got to my goal a bit earlier than planned. Ho hum - this weight loss thing doesn't work out all that mathematically perfect, does it?

So, I'm starting another 12 week plan - again with 13 weeks in it - to take me from 93 Kgs to 80 Kgs which will put me at the top of the normal BMI band, assuming I get there.

How did that old song go? Today is the first day of the rest of my life!

Well, actually, today is the first day of round two.

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Yay! Ding ding round 2.....


All going in the right direction for you then - best of luck. Keep blogging

PS I am blaming you for my current addication to atkins bars - yummy chocolate flavour.....


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