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First session with PT :-/

First session with PT :-/

Starting week 2 tomorrow, so I thought in my wisdom to book in with a personal trainer at my gym. I've been using the gym for classes once a week but wanted more from it than just that. Boy did he work me hard! Got a funny feeling my second week at Sweatshop's beginners running club may be a little difficult tomorrow night!

Will someone please remind me that I once said I like DOMS as I don't think I will tomorrow!

How are you all finding the plan?

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I'm doing really well with the plan. Had a hard time day 1&2 adjusting to eating around half what I usually did but after that I got used to it. I've lost around 2lbs each week and can tell the difference already (week 6 day 1 today).

BTW loving the hat, its ace! :D


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