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Replying to weigh in posts


I wanted to reply to some posts on the Mondays daily weigh in but I can't because there was no reply button.

I was in a rush to post my results for this week before I left for work thinking that I will do my replies tonight but now there's no reply button .

Is there a time limit for replies I wonder ?

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The weigh in closes at 9 p.m. You can 'like' any replies so your team will know you've seen and appreciated them


Hi Indigorouge thanks for dropping in this morning, I was hosting yesterday and it was super busy. A few likes on the posts as BridgeGirl suggested would be appreciated so people know they have your support, particularly those who replied to you! I can appreciate it's difficult when working especially as it seems anyone working at the moment is super busy. Stay strong and all the best.

in reply to Barcud

Thank you both will definitely do this ! I'm off next Monday so It will be ok ... Just yesterday was a hectic day !!!

Kind regards

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