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Calorie count vs Weightwatchers


Hi everyone. I’m into my 2nd week with HealthUnlocked and my first weigh in by counting calories gave me a weight loss of 1lb. 😊.

My GP suggested I join weight watchers for free because I had just tipped over the BMI rate of 30. BUT I’m struggling to find food that isn’t a faff to produce. Yesterday I hardly ate anything other than chicken and a salad because of a family bbq. My smartpoints were taken up with wine and my meringue next I made. I don’t like eggs do can’t eat omelettes etc.

I find counting calories perfect. Do you think I should just return to that but still do my weighin with both you and WW? Thoughts please. Thanks

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If counting calories is working for you don't change it..


Your GP would have suggested that, because they probably don't know about us, although we're free to the NHS, as well as users, that WW isn't!

Being able to 'spend' your calories as you wish, is far better than a secret point system, that doesn't give you control.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it :)

Did you mean to leave your post unlocked?

Nananoodles4lbs in reply to moreless

Thanks, I’ll stick to calorie counting. No I didn’t mean to leave it unlocked not sure I read an option. I’ll look into that further.

Budda7213st 7lbs

I tried ww and thought that was a lot of faffing about working out if something was ok one day but not ok the next, I found if I counted the calories and only ate within a set amount then I lost weight. I lost about 1lb on ww in 3 weeks, where as since joining here I’ve lost 35lbs in 5 weeks averaging 1lb a day to me it’s a no brainier I’m going to carry on weighing and measuring every thing I eat and count the calories for it as it works for me.

As to wether you should weigh in here or ww why not weigh in at both but just use the one weigh in for both sites. Use both ww and here for all the advice you can get as this is your new healthier lifestyle change that you are on and too much info can’t hurt.


Nananoodles4lbs in reply to Budda72

Thanks Pete, I’ll carry on counting calories. Well done on your weight loss. Amazing!

izzy1981Nursing Mum 2020

I tried weight watchers and decided I was wasting money or what I could spend on healthier things. So I am calorie counting and works for me so far so good. Do what you feel is best for you.

Nananoodles4lbs in reply to izzy1981

Thank you, it is a faff. Today I’ve calorie counted. So much easie


What I do is put The £5 a week I would have spent going somewhere to be weighed into a money box. It soon mounts up 😀

Nananoodles4lbs in reply to H61g

That’s a good idea. I was able to join free because my BMI just tipped over 30. I shall continue the calorie count.

Hiya Jimmyjimmy

I have started following the Meditterian way of eating and have a smaller plate

I am at WW as couldn’t let go but not really weight, but last few weeks have calorie counted so I know where I’m at. May weigh in at boots or own scales. Will follow you! Good luck x

Nananoodles4lbs in reply to Realthing

Hi Realthing, how are you finding counting calories? I do it on my Fitbit app but the scanner hardly ever works so I end up searching and generally not finding it so can get frustrating. I used to use My FitnessPal which might be better.

Hiya @Nannanoodles so far finding it ok and using my fitness pal. Last night I had a small chicken shish kebab with pitta, you can only go with their calculations & hope for the best. I’ve been using my top range of cals this week & lost 2lbs according to my home scales. I’ve eaten well & had treats so can’t complain. Write down your favorite foods & keep a notebook that’s what I’m going to do to help with planning too. Good luck xx

your GP ask if you can try slimming world for free the free foods list makes it easy to follow and you will pick up lots of menu ideas including eating out ,go on line and have look what they advise you can fill up on pasta potato and rice no weighing .Lean meats and lots of family meals you can all enjoy, You are thinking why have I turned to NHS calorie due to at moment after seeing friends reach ideal weight some took the scenic rout it took longer but when they reached the healthy loss seeing them get there was good, I hope this 12week plan will fit in with my family ,

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