Day 1 of being Healthier and Happier

Well day one is nearly drawing to a close. It is amazing when you are focussing on healthier eating and fitness how many temptations are in your way.

For instance the work "Canteen trolley" heads over at that perfect time 10:30am to offer lots of "goodies" that are not that good for you at all - i noted that on the top shelf of the trolley there were toasted sandwiches, cheesy oatcakes, toast, crisps and chocolate. On the lower shelf completely out of eyeline was the sorry looking basket of fruit. I resisted and had my banana hooray felt much better for it too! I would have normally had a cheese oatcake at a cost of 80p. So not only have i been healthier i have saved 80p which isnt a lot i know but i am going to make a note of all of the potential wasted food savings i will make from not eating those snacks.

Lunchtime hits so i thought trip out away from work, have a break (not a kit kat though lol). Met up with some colleagues, one of whom bought a bag of doughnuts for the team. Yet again i thought more temptation! I wouldnt normally eat a doughnut so i thought nope, i will try on some nice clothes instead which will remind me of what i am trying to achieve.

Home now - not the healthiest of dinners but reduced portion size slightly and survived (even the hubby coped - he is also trying to lose weight). Treating myself later with some air popped homemade popcorn with worcestershire sauce drizzled over it instead of my usual caramel sauce.

All in all positive day was had and do not feel like i have restricted myself only inspried by what clothes are out there that i shall fit in to in time.

For anyone that is reading this post i hope you can relate to what i have written and hope that it inspires. Writing about it within this forum has certainly helped me and whenever i have felt the usual pangs for "treats or goodies" today i have clicked on the forum and felt commited again!


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10 Replies

  • Very well done on a successful first day Healthierandhappier the first day is the hardest 😕 As you go along the new way of eating and saying no more often than yes becomes second nature

    Have a lovely weekend, I'm glad you are finding the forum helpful

    Ps have you seen the Daily Diary? It's where we plan our meals for the day and share any exercise or helpful tips

  • Ill have a look. I downloaded the meals app which is great having a go at the sweet and sour dish so will see how that goes.Thanks

  • Super post Healthierandhappier you are very obviously in the right frame of mind and that makes a huge difference. Try to remember how good you felt not having the oatcake and not having the doughnut and keep it in your memory box for when you might be tempted.

    Keep on keeping on!

  • That was great Healthierandhappier, you did well on your first day, it's not easy but it will get easier. You had good strategies to put in place right from the start, well done.

  • Looks like you've had a great first day! I don't think I realised how many sources of temptation were out there until I started resisting them. I'm thinking a tin to put in the saved money might be a good idea, then there would be a fund for (non-food) rewards when we hit targets - I'm my case it would probably involve a trip to Hobbycraft.

  • Sounds like a great idea money saving tin for non food items. Well done you.

  • Good for you resisting temptation and very well done on your first successful day. This is always the hardest.

    Have a nice weekend :)

  • Good luck!! We are glad to have you here and yes I can relate and it did inspire me. 😀

  • Here's to many more days of feeling healthier and happier.


  • Great post.. i can identify with your daily temptations. Having your husband on your side is a great support too.😊

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