A revelation...

In the past I've spent way too much time making excuses not to exercise, I could probably give you ten off of the top of my head for any kind of activity!

However this week I decided to just get on a bike. No excuses, just put on a helmet and cycled off into the rain. Then the next day I did a very basic workout in the living room using my laptop, then the day after did another bike ride, then the day after another workout, then a bike ride... I can't quite wrap my head around it but it's been a lovely week :)

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17 Replies

  • Good for you!!!! So proud.

  • thank you so much Melhall :)

  • Congratulations, well done.

  • thank you Annod85 :) have a good week!

  • Well done Hudson, I hope we'll see you on the exercise challenges, I've just posted the new threads :)

  • thank you moreless :) I've just checked it out and it looks great! will start writing down my stats asap

  • That's fantastic! I shall look forward to seeing you there! :)

  • Nice one ,I was the same.last week I decided to start running.ive been out for the last 5 days ,2 more to go before weigh in . I go out in the mornings so then it's done .carry on cycling.


  • thanks gman1961 :) well done you've smashed it this week - fingers crossed for weigh in!

  • Thanks

    Hope so


  • Well done hudson95 :)

  • thank you blackbeauty99 :) gosh, well done on 2 stone!

  • Thankyou, it has taken me a while. Just another 2 stone to.go until i reach a healthy bmi :)

  • best of luck to you :)

  • How fabulous, long may it last!

  • thank you Ceals - managed another workout today so the streak is still going!! :)

  • Brilliant - well done

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