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Hi all,

Just done my BMI on the NHS calculator and came out at 33 and obese which is depressing but not a surprise. What was a bit of a surprise was how low the weight range is. The top end for my height is 9st 11 and the lightest I have ever been is 9 1/2 st and that was when I was very into exercise and training for a marathon (many, many moons ago lol). Has anyone else found this? Realistically I will not be running 20 miles a week and going to the gym 3 times a week like I did back then as my life circumstances are very different now. Not being negative, just wondering



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4 Replies

  • The BMI chart is very much a guide, and there are other indicators such as actual inches, and the height to waist ratio. (Aim for 50%)

    After almost 2 years on this journey my BMI remains stubbornly at 27/28 but my GP is delighted as it is such an improvement. This is a key aspect of losing weight, improving where you are now, and losing 10% of your weight makes a very real improvement to your health.

    Did you also get your target calories? This is really important, and I strongly suggest you eat towards the higher end so you have somewhere to go as you lose weight.

    Good luck!

  • Yes I did. So will start the upper end of the middle of the range. Thanks for the advice that seems a more achievable target.


  • Glad to help 😀 I started out losing weight for my sons wedding and lost 10lbs in 8 weeks, I felt fantastic, full of energy and danced all night 😀 This spurred me on to lose more, and I hit my 10% target after 5 months.

    Slow and steady is definitely the way to go 😀

  • I also gravitate towards the upper end of my weight range and have always been most healthy at around 10st0, whereas for my height around 9st0 is more in the middle BMI-wise. I'm currently 10st7 (borderline 'overweight') and don't run 20miles a week but I run a fair bit and I cycle and a lot of my clothes are in the size 8-12 region. (Although 2.5yrs ago it was a very different story!). Maybe your body still has a lot of the muscular structure built up from when you used to run. And maybe don't rule out running again :)

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