Joys of Grandchildren

There's temptation everywhere, in shops, restaurants & cafés, but you'd expect to be safe in your own home where the cupboards and fridge have been carefully checked and cleared of all those naughty but nice things but alas no! I hadn't reckoned on my granddaughter bringing me a batch of flapjacks she'd made at school, (housecraft in my day but apparently now called food technology...really?) she eagerly sat waiting for me to eat and deliver my verdict on her efforts, she even made me a nice cup of tea to accompany the flapjacks and I have to say they were very nice. Not content with me eating these delights she then produced a second batch with fruit in. Ah well, c'est la vie!!


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2 Replies

  • You can't deny your granddaughter the joy of your appreciation for her baking, more important than a few calories, as long as she doesn't do it everyday. :)

  • Oh dear Jenever, what can you do but eat one, She would have been so upset if you hadn't, just share the rest around with others, so you don't have to eat the lot!!

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