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Gutted too late for the Tuesday trimmers weigh in

As my reply can't be left, I'm posting here in case someone can pick it up and add my stats. Although you might choose to ignore as I didn't manage to avoid my pub crawl excess and gained .4kg. Last week 64.9kg today 65.3kg but could have been so much worse. Congratulations to all those who lost and better luck for all those who weren't quite as happy.

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I'll unlock the thread for 5 mins for you jonuts, as I'm needing my bed! :)


I saw your late addition to the thread but can't reply as it's locked again!!! That's a tiny gain in return for a pub crawl - I'm sure you'll shake it off and then some, in no time at all!!


Thanks for the support, no planned alcoholic binges this week so that should help.

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