Walked up Tower Bridge, plus a whole lot more

Walked up Tower Bridge, plus a whole lot more

We went to London yesterday, for a birthday treat for our daughter. In total we did 18000 steps, really feeling it today. We'd booked the Tower Bridge Experience, and although we got in quickly, there was a huge queue for the lift. We were told we could walk up...so we did! 206 steps which wasn't too bad, but I'm so glad we did, it was so fascinating seeing all the internal architecture, and the views from each landing. We saw so much more than we would have by using the lift! And then at the top we walked on the glass floor. Challenging myself more then ever!!! And then the bridge raised, while we were right above it. Lovely memories, with exercise thrown in to boot!


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12 Replies

  • Hi Sarah,

    I live in London and have never done Tower Bridge, so I will have to look at it! Well done you for walking up the stairs, as you say, much better than the lift, and less crowded :D

    Sounds like you had a great day,

    Rob :P

  • Hi Rob, yes it was fab! We booked online, and the ticket is valid for a year, so you could just decide on a whim to go along. It only cost us about £25 for 4 of us, which isn't too bad compared to a lot of things these days! Hope you can get there!

  • Sounds good! What else did you do?

  • Walked miles. The girls wanted to shop too, so we walked up Regent St, Oxford St, stopped for lunch, walked to Harrods, tubed to Tower Hill, walked round there, over the bridge, along the Southbank....then went to blooming Westfield on the way home. We do pack it in when we go lol! Older daughter suggested spin class this morning as we've both joined the gym. I did laugh at that suggestion!

  • Loads then! I can barely do two things, when we have a day in town :D

  • Wow SarahLDgetthin what a lovely experience to have and such a nice memory to keep of the day. Your braver than me for walking on the glass floor! Well doen on walking 18000 steps thats brilliant going.

  • It was very atmospheric, and so beautiful, so much detail, and it wasn't even built to be seen by the public inside. Most people took the lift so we pretty much had the stairs to ourselves.

  • Sounds so lovely, I did'nt know you could walk up inside it.

  • I lived in London for many years but moved away 20 years ago now. I did do some of the tourist places but mainly I was too busy earning a living to do a lot of them like most Londoners. .

    Now I love visiting and last went in 2014. We stayed in South Ken (much nicer than Hackney where I used to live) and spent a whole day down Exhibition Road visiting the V & A, The Science Museum, and the Natural History one. I am ashamed to say this was my first visit to them!

    I did pay a return visit to The National Gallery which I love, but didn't get time to do the British Museum again. I did manage to take in one of my favourite places - Walthamstow Market. Wonderful place. My friend thought it was great.

    Trouble is I find it so big, crowded, and busy, these days I am exhausted just doing 1 or 2 things. The good thing is I can still find my way around fine. If I was still there now I would have a free bus and tube pass as I am in my 60's now. If I could afford to live in a nice area I would be back like a shot.

  • It wasn't as busy yesterday as I expected it to be, although I can't bear the tube when it is busy. Our older daughter wants to go to uni there, gulp!

  • You get used to the tube. I strap hung for many years. :)

  • Oh and I missed the Kings X fire by around 1 and a half hours...

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