Signing Out for now

Hi All,

I am doing well in some aspects of my life including getting 92% in Final accounts prep exam on Thursday. I also have a job interview. With my mum in hospital and my new flat to contend with dieting has gone to the bottom of the pile I am afraid. I wanted to say I am sorry for now not to be an inspirational weightloss guru for you to aspire to or even remotely successful in my journey so far - which would be inaccurate, my one success on this journey so far is that I am not buying bags of crap from the supermarket and I plan on sticking to that at the very least, also I am cooking more and plan to cook well, nutritious and tasty! But however being stretched so thin, I am not being a success at dieting and I don't want to continue to report bad news so for the time being I am going to hang up my hat just for the time being potentially for another 1-2 years - or until other things resolve themselves, when hopefully I will be better placed to complete the diet. Thank you for all support, you really have been lovely to write to and receive wonderful advice and encouragement. I wish you well in your own endeavours, may you achieve all your goals. All the best. JP. Over and Out.


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9 Replies

  • Awww JP! We'll miss you!! Are you sure you want to sign out for so long?? We'd be happy for you to stick around and maintain! :)

    I understand that you've got a lot on your plate at the moment and want to wish you well in all your endeavours. Come back to us whenever you want, because there will always be a welcome here for you :)

    Take care! xx

  • Hello JP, if you read this than please understand that there's nothing to be sorry about. That's just the way things pan out at times.

    For what it's worth, it was a couple of years between my previous attempt to lose weight and this particular attempt. I can sympathise with how you may be feeling despondent. I know after my previous failure, I wrote myself off as never to try again, having failed so many times.

    You sound like you're taking away some really positive changes of habit which I hope you'll hang on to and let them be a part of the new you.

    The only thing I would urge you to do, if possible... and that is to keep reading the posts. No need to reply, no need to get involved in anything but just to keep a toe in the forum.

    Whichever option you choose, here's hoping that things get sorted with your mum and good luck for your future.

  • Well done on the exam that's fantastic, good luck with the job interview 😊

    Really sorry to hear your mum is in hospital sending best wishes and a speedy recovery to her.

    Hopefully you will return to us sooner rather than later, wishing you all the best with continuing your journey, I'm going to miss your weekly updates

    Kat xx

  • Good luck for the interview and I hope life's stresses soon lessen for you❤

    It's hard trying to do so much at once so take care look after yourself and your loved ones, try to eat as healthy as you can putting the weight loss on hold👍

    If we all learn a little something from the good people on this forum we have not wasted any time. I hope you won't become a stranger and will pop on when you feel like it even if it's just to read a few posts.

    Have a good weekend, all the best with the move. Best wishes to your mum in hospital. 💐💐💐

  • Good luck with everything you have going on JP. Sounds like you have some exciting things to focus on with moving flat and an excellent final accounts exam mark. I totally understand not wanting to be dragged down by something that feels negative and dispiriting within your life. But we're here for you if you want to return. Or maybe when you feel the time's right you'll find it all falls into place and you know exactly what to do. Finding the right time is a big part of it. Best wishes. Over and out :)

  • JP -my Sunday post buddy - I will miss you- really come back and check in anytime bad news or otherwise, or just to say hello:-)

  • ...and how am i supposed to know what week I am on - without checking with your post first....

  • You've made some changes to your shopping routines and that's really positive. You can't fight on all fronts simultaneously - you've made a good decision to avoid getting too stressed.

    But keep reading the posts and come back when you're ready.

    Good luck with the next exam.

  • Good luck, hope the stress lessens, and never mind if you give us bad news on the dieting front or good, come back when you are ready. You have had other successes, and you are more than a number on the scales!

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