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New Year New Start!

Right, I'm back. Some of you remember I started in December and decided with 3 birthdays in our family and Christmas that I would be mad to try and start a new regime with so many opportunities to fail so here I am ready to go as promised. I have a few events to look forward to but can cope with that! So I am starting day 1 tomorrow. I weighed today and will not weigh now for another month. I will start the couch to 5k tomorrow while my daughter is at Brownies and take it from there. Just for this week going to bring down my calories and stop snacking late at night! I am more than ready for this and need to bring my weight down as I am so ill from carrying around about 17 stone! Looking forward to feeling healthier and looking better! How are you all doing? Betty-how did christmas go for you? Please tell me you're still here!


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Hi Catlady78

Welcome back. I'm a newbie and have found such a lot of support on this forum.

Now don't go disappearing again we need you here. Keep posting !

Jopo xx


I'm also getting started tomorrow. Good luck!

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Hello catlady78 and welcome back to the forum ☺ There have been a few changes whilst you were away but the friendly support is excellent as always ☺ Good luck with your new regimes ☺

Best wishes



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