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Tips for stopping comfort eating/grazing?

Hello, all!

I'm currently on Week 6 of the 12 Week Plan, and have been doing well. I'm noticing good, positive changes in my body and I'm feeling a lot better both mentally and physically. Hurrah!

The only thing I am struggling with, as has been a problem for a while, is comfort eating, or just eating for the sake of eating. And the thing is, I know that I feel better when I'm eating better, and having treats *in moderation* but there have been days when I just can't seem to stop reaching for too many naughty things, and I don't know what to do! I have been sticking to my daily 20-30 minutes of sport but it feels a bit pointless when I just end up binging some of the time.

If anyone has any tips or advice, it would be very much appreciated. Many thanks!

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I find that when I know I am going to be tempted chewing gum helps.


Thanks very much! I'll have to give it a try :)


I have a healthy box of snacks and no unhealthy snacks lying about. The healthy snacks include Nakd bars berry is my new favourite, but also cocoa delight is great, also boxes of raisins really sorts out my sugar craving and medjool dates are a lovely treat. Other dried fruit and nuts are good too. Best of luck.


Thank you, that sounds really good! Will see how it goes, best of luck to you, too!


Aldi and Lidl do mini wheats with apricot. Just put about 10in a small dish and nibble very slowly! Chew well too, it burns cals! Also almonds and chashews BUT not too many. Similar idea as chewing gum, clean your teeth or eat a small satsuma. Kill the cravings. But I struggle too, it's very very normal. All good fortune with your regime!


Thanks for those ideas

Tiring shift at work yesterday and feeling tired today, I tend to reach for any food as a energy giver to try and wake me up

having a coffee and was going to reach for anything but I read your post and had a satsuma so easy to reach for wrong choice when tired ☺


Well done, sometimes it's just habit to nibble. ! So it's mind over matter with large portion of willpower?

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