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No weigh-ins

It seems that all the important people who create the weigh-in forums are unable to post. Hope they find a solution! Just in case I've left for work when they get back in, here is my weigh-in:

Today I weigh 14 st 11.6 lb, which means I have lost 2 lb. My waist still measures 100 cm.

I also had one of my best weeks ever for exercise:

Propelled 21.31 km

Walked 1.68 km

Swam 1.3 km

Other??? 0.1 (I may have teleported at some point)

TOTAL: 24.39 km

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HI Finnberry,

Please bear with us, the Monday weigh-in WILL be going ahead, we are just working on a Plan B, due to the glitches - and so the Monday weigh-in should be happening very soon - bear with us everyone!

Lowcal :-)

I know you need to leave for work, so have a great day!!! :-)

p.s. Here is a link to the Weigh-in:



Well done you

I am just leaving for work shortly too

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Congrats, all the best for the next week. By the way could you please tell me how you teleported if it burns calories I want to know how!!!

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Great exercise stats Finnberry! :)


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