Motivation? what's that?

hi haven't been on here for while. I having big problems getting motivated. I have been trying to eat less and healthier but then I fall off the wagon after about 2 weeks. then it's even harder to get back on. another problem is that I have been doing stuff on the wii and now have hurt both knees. I am too heavy and my knees can't take me jumping around. now I can't bend my knees for too long before the hurt. I can't go the bike without them hurting and def can't jump around. I don't know what to do without hurting myself. and that thing called motivation? gone


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  • Hi

    I have weak ankles and the excess weight doesn't help - therefore all I have done so far is increase walking and trying to increase speed to get the cardio up

    I have been on holiday this week and was sure I was being a bit of a couch potato so I got up and marched on the spot every couple of hours, just for 5 min or so - added some strengthening exercises in and made sure I logged everything that went in my mouth

    Last week I hadn't lost any weight and the week before I had put on 1lb so was deflated - then decided to check my measurements and imagine my surprise when there was a change of 5" (note here that was after 4 weeks) That sure got my motivation up again

    You need to pop back here more often to get the motivation going - Come on you can do this with the support / help and advice on here :)

    Good luck - hope to see you posting a more positive thread later this week :) We are here for you

  • thank you for lovely reply. I will try to (see, motivation? 'TRY?') get moving. it doesn't help when I have just lost my job. was moving a lot more then and im sat on my butt all day. I feel guilty cos I know I should be moving but keep making excuses.

  • Hiya

    So sorry to hear you have lost your job - that must have been a blow and not helped towards your motivation

    Here's hoping that you can turn this negative into a positive and get fir and healthy while looking for a new job

    Wishing you all the best on the job front and the healthy eating / losing weight front

    If you want to PM me to winge and whine, then please do - as sometimes it helps to talk / type to a stranger

  • Thank u for the offer X u may regret that lol it's good to have someone to talk to cos sometimes feels family and friends are too close

  • I feel for you 😕 I have real problems with my joints and this time of year they seem even worse 😕

    However, weight loss is much more about what you eat than exercise. If you are lasting a couple of weeks then struggling, perhaps you are not eating enough? Or not allowing treats? I cannot cope with hunger or deprivation and need to have treats and relax a bit at the weekends. But have still managed to lose weight, but quite slowly 😊 I have off days (or weeks) but seem to keep on going 😊

    Motivation is a difficult thing to find, especially as you sound quite down with your knee pain 😕 Chronic pain is very wearing 😢

    Maybe start small, plan healthy meals, and gentle exercises 😊

    Good luck and very best wishes 😊

  • Thank u

  • Hi sibby sorry to hear you've lost your motivation I have a further 5 st to loose but I'm taking things gradually concentrating on eating healthily. I have oestoarthritis in my hips & spine so I started increasing my walking with the help of my fitness pal which counts the steps I do . After 6 weeks I've noticed such a difference in my fitness level already walking further pain had lessened I also feel more confident about myself even broke into a run whilst walking the dog through the woods something I thought I would never do . 😀 Bought myself sports bra & trainers so I will be more comfortable . I'm not setting to high a goals as I'm 58 but I still want to be able to play & keep up with my granddaughters .I even felt confident enough to join a palates group this week everyone on this forum are so supportive . Hope your motivation returns good luck have a wonderful weekend😀

  • Hi Sibby,

    I hope you get your motivation back soon - it can be tough when it seems to drift away - and we can all fall off the wagon, and getting back on takes courage and determination, but here on the forum we can reach out and help you back on - just as others do that for us when we fall off. So I'm glad you popped in and talked about it, and I can see you've had some lovely replies.

    I hope your knees get chance to rest and recuperate, and I hope you feel better in yourself really soon.

    Take care and hope you enjoy the weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Be kind to yourself, as cracker said, take things easy the diet is more important, small baby steps..........our weight gain for most wasn't overnight too, so coming off will be tough.

    Picture yourself a few weeks down the line, keep occupied and do whst you can got now

  • Thank u xx

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