Thursday eve tea

Well hubby has once again come up with the goods !

After a long day at work I have come home to a lovely feast

Sauted salmon fillet

Baby broccoli , courgette , small tomatoes and strips of bacon all sautéed for few mins until tender , served with sprinkled Parmesan cheese and pine nuts .

He looks for meals that are quick to make and tasty and healthy on my work days as I am often late home , so he can't prepare to soon and I'm always hungry and want something fast .


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10 Replies

  • Hi Mollydex,

    Mmmm, your evening meal sounds really delicious! :-) What a lovely feast. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • How lovely to have someone cook your meal for you and sounds delicious too. Hope you do the washing up lol😊

  • That sounds delicious. I have struggled with my appetite today, but you have helped me. I am enjoying the meal sharing I see in here.

  • what a wonderful husband you have. My husband has recently made massive changes to his diet. Gone is the fizzy pop (6 tins a day!!!) the crisps and the chocolate. In its place lots of fruit and veg and only the odd drink. Makes my life easier and its making the whole family healthier. Such a different shopping cart at the supermarket as well.

  • 6 tins of fizzy drink, wow, you must be saving some money too! I I always seem to buying fruit and veg, favouring frozen berries for breakfast at mo, with creme friache, yoghurt too acidic !

    When I do big shops ( well just for me and her ladyship puss) it seems to lots of veg , fruit and fish ( I use a fab butchers), nuts, seeds and lots of yummy fresh stuff, when I peek in others trolleys, some to be lacking in fresh stuff

  • I think the money spent on the pop is now going on apples,tangerines,swede an broccoli lol. The recycling bin is certainly much emptier. I've stopped having a couple of cans of lager most evenings as well. The bin men must think we have moved out 😆

  • Just think that sugar saved in tins, tend to be tomatoes or chickpea cans!

    My recycling bin gets fuller, love celeriac so yesterday it was all that peel, and other veg stuff

  • my tins and cans go in the recycling wheelie bin but all the food waste goes in the garden refuse bin which goes for composting or to generate green power. Lots more peelings this past few weeks 😊

  • Which has to be good news

  • What a lovely supportive husband. Treasure him.

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