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Hi all,

I have just downloaded the NHS 12 week plan along with the couch to 5K app.

I am 31 years old and a full time student and mum of 2. I have tried just about every diet out there and yet I'm still 7st over weight!!! How??? I have been a member of a gym for a year now and love weight training, although have cut this down as legs were starting to get a bit bulky lol, shame the hips didn't leave tho :-)

I have started walking/attempting to jog in the mornings but am struggling with one of my knees, so hoping this doesn't stop me being able to do the couch to 5K.

I would really appreciate any advice/feedback/tips regarding this plan please as really really really need to shift this blooming weight now.

Thanks in advance x


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11 Replies

  • Hi Melly and Welcome! :)

    I have done the 12-week plan and found it to be fantastic. I am still going as I'm not at my goal weight yet, but since I started in January I have lost almost 3 stone. One more pound gone and I get my 3-stone badge! :D

    Right, anyway. I like that this isn't a diet but a new lifestyle to a healthier me. It's not just losing weight but adding in exercise to improve fitness as well as learning healthy eating habits. I didn't want to go on a diet only to pile all the weight back on. I wanted to learn how to have a healthy lifestyle and I found the NHS plan gave me a great place to start.

    I will admit that I would have loved a quick fix, but I realize that's unrealistic and that slow and steady weight loss will be more sustainable in the long run. Luckily, I found this forum full of friendly folks who share their journeys with me and cheer me along on mine. There's also loads of fun and motivating challenges you can join, you'll find them at the right of your screen (bottom for phones). Join any and all that suit your fancy!

    The group weigh-in on Mondays is optional and is open until Friday afternoon if you're interested in this week's.

    Good luck! We can do this because we're not doing it alone. :D

  • Thank you so much for your advice and feedback Vicky. I will def have a look for the weigh-in group and am hoping to start the plan tomorrow, and will weigh in again Monday so I can start a proper week next week 😀

    Thank u

  • No worries, glad you found the forum!

    The most recent Monday weigh-in can be found in the pinned posts section. It's also posted alternately by Zest and moreless , our friendly admin types, so if you follow them you will be notified when it's posted. :)

    Another great suggestion is to take measurements (waist, hips, etc.) as sometimes the scales won't move, but the measurements will come down. Which is good for motivation as well! I only did my waist, but find it very exciting when it shrinks.

  • Fantastic to hear you're going to look at the Monday group weigh-in sessions - you'd be very welcome to join us! :-)

    Good luck with starting the plan tomorrow, I hope you enjoy it! :-)

    Look forward to seeing you around and about in the forum - have a great week!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Melly

    I have had the same problems I know just search for healthy alternatives of recipes I love. for example i love KFC popcorn chicken so i searched and came across this recipe. theendlessmeal.com/skinny-b... it actually tasted just like it.

    I also have a massive sweet tooth, love caramel so once again i searched about and found this recipe, its like salted caramel nut butter, its a amazing combo between almond butter (just like peanut butter) just heaps healthy and salted caramel. thenutbutterhub.com/salted-...

    Start searching for your favs and it will help on your journey!

  • Hi Melly

    Sounds like we are on same boat .. i am student and mom of 2 😀.. just started with NHS 12 week plan

  • How u finding it so far?

    What are you studying Hun? X

  • little tough for me as i am experiencing headache 😂 but i am determined to accomplish my goal

    i just started with walk 30 min , will increase exercise level slowly

    I am doing PhD gooosh thats why i have headache 😲

  • Oh no do u know what's causing the headaches? Have u cut sugar or caffeine out of ur diet?

    Wow well done Hun. I have been doing walks first thing in morning (before I ended up with a bad chest, which I'm hoping will get better soon).

    I'm studying a degree in psychology at the mo, so understand how stressful it all is.

    I reckon we can do it tho 😜

    Good luck Hun x

  • I heard from one member it will subside soon as my body will be adapted to the change..

    Thanks dear good luck to you too

  • Hi there, welcome to the forum and good luck. :)

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