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Well, after much consideration, I opted to get on the scales on Thursday, and (once the initial shock wore off) I am glad I did. Not only have I lost 2 lbs since, I have also come to the realisation that I need to lose 2 1/2 stone, and not 2 as I had originally guesstimated. I'm just pleased that I didn't wait and get on the scales in say a fortnight's time and think that I had not lost any weight at all.

Still feeling happy and motivated, and off to do my third run for the week. 😀

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Hi Karen, if you look on the 'events' section you will find the weigh-in for this week, where we all post our results. :) It makes it easier for the fab 5's to collect all that data and they can respond to you easier as well, as they get very busy. :)

Well done on the weight loss.



I will have a look. Thanks Sazkia.

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No problem. :)


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