Fear of 'boot camp'

My friend has asked me to do a charity fitness boot camp with her next Saturday because I have just started trying to lose weight. It's lovely of her to ask but I feel like I'll either be the fattest one there and everyone will wonder what I'm doing there or that I'll just not be able to do any of the circuits and ill feel really disheartened. I've looked on the company's Facebook page and all of the pictures are of for people. I want to do it but with such low confidence plus being the biggest I've ever been at a size 18-20 I don't want to put myself in a position where I'll feel stupid. What would people advise I do?


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  • I think you should give it a go. It sounds like people that go there go to challenge themselves; whether to beat the bulge, get fitter or to improve confidence. You don't know what everyone else are thinking, they'll all have their own worries, insecurities and ideas on things. You might find you meet some wonderful people who you'll be friends with for life, you might not. The thing is, if you don't try you'll never know. You can only try, plus you'll have your friend with you so you'll already have a support system right there!

    Good luck and let us know how you get on!

    Sazkia x

  • Definitely go for it. My experience is that people don't really care about you they are wrapped up in themselves. You may love the class, you may not but make it your choice.

  • Hi rj92x,

    I was thinking about the thought of a Boot Camp, and I have to say, I know that my brain would tell me 'Don't do it!' - as I have a definite fear of such things. I think the answer would have been the same when I was overweight (I was obese at my highest weight), and I feel the same now I'm a healthy BMI. The fact is that I just don't feel comfortable in Boot Camp environments. I avoid them for that reason. But that's just me. Sometimes I wish I'd push myself out of my comfort zone, and I do sometimes, but I've not attended a Boot Camp yet. Maybe I should - your post has got me thinking now!!!

    I think it's lovely that your friend wants you to join her, and is encouraging you. I have seen people on TV attend events where they are pushed outside their comfort zones, like doing Zip lining and other Adventure sports etc and they end up really enjoying the event and feeling great at having achieved something. Maybe that would be how things would go for you, and you'll thoroughly enjoy the day. I hope so.

    I would imagine different people would feel different levels of comfort or discomfort in that situation, and essentially the decision is yours. If you go, I hope you enjoy it, and remember that you don't have to stay if you decide you really don't like it. But give it a go, if it feels like something you do want to try.

    But essentially, do what feels right for you. As Sazkia says, you might really enjoy it and make some great friends there too.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I agree with Sazkia, sometimes we have to push ourselves out of our comfort zone or we risk regreting missed opportunities. I used to be really self-concious and frightened of looking foolish until someone told me that I must be very conceited if I thought that everyone was watching me!

  • My sister keeps wanting me to go on a boot camp with her; I haven't partly because she is mega-fit and partly because I'm scared of not being able to do it. I am also bothered about pushing myself too much (because I'm like that) and getting injured. She does them all the time and says there are always bigger people as well. Everyone is starting somewhere.

    What will you do if you don't go? I would sit at home feeling sorry I didn't go and (maybe) eat stuff!

    If you go, tell the trainer (and anyone who will listen) that you've just started and are feeling nervous about what to do etc etc. The fact you are there moving about (whatever you can actually manage to do) is a win!

    Good luck! Whatever you decide to do. If you don't go, maybe try to make a plan of what you will do for activity instead and tell your friend you'd still really like to do some other gentle exercise with her (walking etc) another time and maybe the bootcamp next time.

  • I'm not comfortable with it either, must be your choice tho

  • Hi everyone- thanks for your comments. Just to let you know- I did it! I had to do the burpees one leg at a time but I did everything else including kettle bells, dumbbell rows, full sit ups with weights, loads and loads of squats and a lot more too! I was nearly sick at one point but kept going 😅 I think I've got a bit more belief in myself now!

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