Magical (?) Mystery Tour

Magical (?) Mystery Tour

Well had a lazy day today as I've not been feeling great, had a funny tummy this morning and tired with neck/back pain, took some pain killers and slept 2 hrs this aft but then headed out with the dogs...

Set out to do a small loop round the village instead of heading into the forest for a change. Walked across the fields then took a footpath I've meant to try for ages.... big mistake!! It was quite overgrown with nettles and thistles but about shin height so I picked my way through (wearing 3/4 trousers ouch!) but then it got worse and worse. I was skirting corn fields and ended up having to walk inside the first row of corn trailing the poor dogs on the leads due to all the pheasants! Had to let them off though as it was two narrow for both of them and the leads kept getting tangled in the corn. I popped out of the corn but the path was so bad I couldn't even tell where it went, I'd lost the dogs and it felt like a scene out of 'Children of the Corn' lol. I gave in and retraced my steps after getting the dogs back, it was baking and sweat was pouring off me. I passed the falling over footpath sign and a few yards later suddenly spotted another path off to the right through the middle of the corn which had obviously been cleared (ish) by a tractor doh! Must have missed that one whilst watching my feet picking my way through nettles and there was no sign either apart from the one pointing the other way further along! So we changed direction and quickly came to a little footbridge across a stream where the dogs had a splash and a drink whilst I removed spiky seeds stuck to my trousers. Crossed the bridge to be confronted with a gate (in photo) and a sign stating 'bull in field' aaargh! No way was I turning back now, I could see the gate across the field on the other side only about 20 yards away and no sign of a bull so I went for it. Luckily no bull sighting and we got through :). Up a little hill in a wooded area then across some fields, could see for miles and had no idea where I was oops! Followed my instincts and finally came to a country lane. I could see a railway tunnel to my right and realised where I'd come out.. nowhere near where I expected too!! Had a long stretch of narrow country lane to walk back to home and we arrived back very thirsty and hot 5.25 miles and 1hr 47 minutes later!! Only good thing was my 5yr old hadn't wanted to come so they stayed behind luckily and my other half had tea ready and waiting for me :). Greek style pork steak with greek salad and herby potato cubes roasted - yum!

On the plus side burned off more calories than expected too but then had a couple of small treats for pudding and now worrying because it's weigh-in day tomorrow eek! I'm sure it will be ok... fingers crossed :). Good luck everyone weighing in with me...


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7 Replies

  • Goodness, what a day you've had, especially after not feeling great this morning! I had a similar experience a couple of weeks ago whilst walking with a friend, I'm pleased it was her idea to go that route as she got badly bitten and I would have felt so guilty! Well done for escaping the bull, that must have been quite nerve racking! Lovely dogs 😊 Good luck for tomorrow!

  • Yeah I know what you mean!! I was checking the route out for a walk mid week too with a friend, soooo glad I did or I would have felt terrible inflicting it on her too!! Hope you escaped the bites...

    Thanks, you too!!

  • oh blimey, what an escapade! Sounds like quite a nice walk in spite of all. Maybe take some secateurs out with you next time! Am sure your little treats won't do too much harm! x

  • Lovely report and sorry it didn't work out the way you hoped! But I hope you enjoyed your treats and I'm sure weigh in wont be affected 😊

  • Oh poor you getting stung by all the nettles so pleased you found your way home and done 5.25 miles brilliant , nice that hubby had a meal waiting for you ahhh the joys of not having to cook .

    Fingers crossed for you on Mondays weigh in

    Pam xx

  • Sounds like a bit of an adventure! Quite fun actually! Your dogs look as if they're enjoying themselves and I can see the opposite gate luring you over the bull field! I love exploring new tracks, not so sure about the nettles!

  • Thanks all for the lovely replies, some of it was really beautiful so such a shame the farmer doesn't look after the footpath and signposts more. At least now I know the way to go if I want to risk it again and in the winter/spring maybe it won't be so overgrown! Must admit though I don't enjoy the road walking and there was quite a bit on the return, very narrow lanes with overgrown hedges and people drive like nutters sometimes and not many places for me and the dogs to try and get off the lane! Luckily though tends to be fairly quiet with not much traffic..

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