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23+ Stone goes to the gym!


I have been procrastinating for a few weeks about doing some exercise - I actually got out my "wii fit" last week, but just dusted the box and put it back! It is with great pride that I can announce that I actually went to the gym before work this morning. It had changed since I was last there though! I had a little go on a bike, then wanted to exercise my upper body so found a "hand bike" that was great fun. Didn't have the confidence to use the treadmill - there were some fit looking people actually running on them, and I didn't want them to judge me and my "brisk walk" The gym attendant advised me to "take it easy" bless him, I think he thought I was going to keel over at any moment. I don't think I'm quite up to Olympic fitness yet, so may have to go back for another session or two.

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kalahuchi6 stone

The first step is always the hardest Suew888 so well done for standing your ground with those fit people. I brazen it out at my gym and do a brisk walk with pride (for 20 minutes as it happens). No-one bats an eyelid; most are plugged into the tv screens that sit on each piece of apparatus and as far as I can tell most of the runners are huffing and puffing and have very little energy left to think about what I am doing. Your gym attendant sounds nice. Do you do your own thing at your gym or is is like ours where you have a set programme to follow?

Suew888 in reply to kalahuchi

This morning I did my own thing, are there special programmes that are specifically for weight loss then? If so, I will ask the attendant for weight loss advice. I am such a gym novice, I haven't got a clue!

kalahuchi6 stone in reply to Suew888

At our gym, which is just at the local leisure centre, they do an induction session where someone asks what you want to achieve, and your current fitness levels (mine were pretty low in all fairness) and then get you to go from one machine to another to try them out. A very nice young man got me to do so many minutes on one machine and so long on another and so on; I think the idea is that you get your heart rate up a bit without risking overdoing it. I found it was really good when I started because I really hadn't got a clue what to do. You then get a sort of key which they save your data on. You fit the key into the machines which switch on, make you do what you are meant to and then they switch off automatically. After about 8 weeks or so when I felt a bit fitter and had lost some weight, I asked if it could be reviewed and they made stuff a bit more difficult but kept the time on each machine the same. Our local gyms are really used to advising on weight loss because there is currently a health promotion thingy at our local GPs who refer directly to the leisure centre. They give us half price membership for 12 months which is really generous. It might be worth asking if your GP does something similar.

It's such a horrible rainy day today I think I shall be going to the gym myself soon. Have fun!

Suew888 in reply to kalahuchi

Hi Kalahuchi, Thanks for the advice - I think I need to have a chat to my gym attendant next time I go. xx

kalahuchi6 stone in reply to Suew888

That's the spirit; they always look bored out of their wits anyway and will probably be glad of something to do!


Well done Sue! That took a lot of guts! I didn't get any further than picking up a leaflet at my gym! :D

You've done the hardest thing, now don't be put off by the gym junkies, you grab yourself a treadmill if you want one! :)

I bet in a couple of weeks time, you'll be an expert and will be able to show the other members how it should be done! ;)

Keep up the great work and have fun! :)

Lizzy704 stone

Good for you but I don't think these people using the gym first thing in the morning will judge you they would probably admire you for making changes but if not stuff them it's about you now hold your head up high small changes will be big changes in the long run . I'm only on my 3rd day and 3nights ago I was sitting crying about my weight but this web site has inspired me so much I'm looking forward to each meal and challange I'm going to start C25K need to sort my running shoes already sorted body armer so bits aren't bouncing up and down and all the other bits wobbling (secure sports bra sorted haha and them all important big support knickers lol) good luck with it all I be watching for your next feed back on your next trip to the gym xx

stewieUK3 stone

Well done Sue. When I first joined my gym I had a referral letter from my GP and the induction I had was based on that - weight loss and overall fitness. I was 22+ stone when I started out and I'm now a slim and sylph like 19 stone! Don't worry about the gym bunnies on the treadmills. When I did my last C25K run on Tuesday I was plodding along sweating buckets but the super fit guy on the next machine was running at twice my pace and not even breaking sweat. I just thought to myself "Who's getting the most out of this?" and kept on plodding with a smile on my face.

Mollydex4 stone

Well done , you should feel so proud of your self .that first visit is the hardest .

Well done. It is always daunting at the beginning but once you keep going back and your courage and fitness grows it gets easier each time. When I went to the gym they would set a programme for me of what cardio to do. The programme was then reviewed after 6 weeks. It really is amazing how well your body responds and the exercise gets much easier. Keep at it. I used to find how helpful and nice people were at the gym.


Well done Suew888,

A gym is a great place to do exercise but please be careful. At your weight, and I was over 25st, you only need to walk and at a pace where you can hear your breath. That way you will have the energy to go for a long period as you are not using all your energy doing high intensity exercise.

The more you walk at this level you'll find that you'll be able to walk faster for longer and keep the same heart rate, breathing. Honestly slowly is the best way to go. As for what others think in the gym, we are all to busy getting sweaty, panting and looking at OURSELVES in the mirror to worry about what you're bloomin doing so get ones backside onto the treadmill and walk away, but slowly.

Here is a video I made about doing exercise slowly and why you should.

Good luck Sue



Fantastic! Is all I can say it takes a lot of guts to walk into a center over weight. I was a asst. manager of fitness center we welcomed everyone I loved how kalahochi explained everything about training on the equipment. I'm super proud of you keep up the great work, it was brought up have you seen a GP for approval of this type of exercise. We had wavers for all our members. Meaning if you had an accident the club would not be responsible. It's on nearly every clubs terms.

You keep rocking with a positive attitude the weight will drop, do some walking. Park as far away far the grocery store and any store you shop at to increase steps. Speaking of sets get a Fit bit or similar. It will track what you daily and you can input to your computer and print.

radioactiveblue100 pounds

Well done!! I hope you're feeling proud of yourself because that's awesome.

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