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BMI? I take it with a pinch of salt! My usual BMI over most of my life was in the Normal range, but now is in the Overweight range? Why? As is usual at my age I have shrunk a little in height which pushes me into the higher range! I shrunk by one inch! A little change in height makes a HUGE difference in BMI! Have a play with one of the online calculators. My weight is exactly the same as it has been over the last 50 years (I am 72).

I used fat calipers to get a more meaningful result.

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Hi Kjt239,

Well done for keeping your weight at a stable and healthy rate for the last 50 years, that is really great!

I think that BMI is helpful as an indicator, but clearly there are lots of healthy indicators that are probably more meaningful and certainly I know that many medical people go by waist measurements.

I think this article is quite good:


I still go by BMI as an indicator though, as I do find it helpful personally - although I use the 'new BMI' - which is more relevant to taller people.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend.

Lowcal :-)


Hi Lowcal!

I had never heard of NewBMI. When I tried it it dumped me solidly into the normal range!

I like you!!


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I'm so glad you liked that result! :-)


Zest makes a point. I do use the BMI calculator to gague where I am - it was 49 when I started out and it is 35.2 now. It does give you a lift when it goes down, that little bit closer to being 'healthy' :)

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That is fantastic keeping your weight stable over 50 years I wish I could say the same alas I've been gaining and losing the same stone for about 40 years. BMI is a far from perfect instrument (especially if you are very sporty) but it is useful to at least gauge where a healthy range lies for your height...I like to see my weight in the healthy range even if it's at the top end at the moment ;)

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