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The junk food devil !!!!

Im on here to own up to one of those nights when the junk food devil takes over your brain and away you go devouring everything in sight. ( or is it just me that has a junk food devil )

As usual sitting up watching rubbish on the tv go to make a cup of tea and before you know it I'm eating biscuits, I go and sit down finish the biscuits and the devil gives me a nudge to go in search of more rubbish to fill my never ending appetite.

Before you know it ive eaten ice cream, cashew nuts, bread and butter, crisps there could be more but by this time I am eating in my sleep !!!!

I have just complete 3 weeks doing so well on my diet sticking to it really well lost 5 pounds, so why let the devil back in?

This morning I felt that if I own up and tell you all my story I can start again and get back on track, I dont suppose its the last time the diet devil will attack it just important to move on and put him out of my mind.

Good luck to you all x x

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Well done for posting . And well done for deciding to get back on track .you know you can do it as you mention you are already loosing weight . Perhaps it would help if you dispose of all the biscuits etc in the house? Perhaps some distraction would help you , say a colouring book, or perhaps a hoola hoop ? You could pick those up first? I always have a drink before I snack and then decide if I am hungry, I never snack with the cup of tea . Just ideas but they often work for me

It's a new day , so go for it . You know that you can


Thanks for the encouragement I do feel back on track today so hopefully I got that devil out of my system.


I like to colouring book idea or even a jigsaw, thank you Mollydex, I'll get that when I get my smaller plate. The hoopla hoop might be a bit more of a challenge though 😂😂


I guess the answer to your problem is adding more exercises to your diet. If you think of how long it takes for you to burn all those calories you won't be eating junk food anymore. Plus, it'll be a very good distraction for you. If you are out, you'll have lower changes to be tempted

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Hi I too have fought with the junk food devil especially evenings but now he is banished, when he creeps into my brain I choose something healthy instead or get a glass of water, I don't know what it is about TV maybe the ads that come on that makes us relate to food but if you like craft work start a project, nothing like concentration and busy hands to keep your mind off junk. 🍏👍

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